Phantom Knight Power Makeup!

This week I started working on adding the ghost harem girl to the game. Working name so far is Ulania, and she was once a warrior in whatever civilization left all those ruins and lost cities lying around. Bound in place for centuries, the Hero is busy doing adventurer things when boy meets ghost and boy figures out how to take advantage of an ancient geas in order to stick his penis inside said ghost. I don’t want to give any more spoilers, but I think recruiting her will be a fun quest.

The important thing is that recruiting Ulania to your harem allows the Hero to switch between his Warlord class and the Phantom Knight class. So what is Phantom Knight class? I’m glad you asked, theoretical strawman-type player.

Phantom Knight is intended to swap the Hero from a support role to a more defensive, tanking role. He gets a bonus to Defense and Resist at the cost of Agility and Luck (and thus, evasion, hit rate and critical chance). More importantly, the Hero’s skills all switch around to suit his new role. Backers can find the details in the backer forum, but there is more of an emphasis on Resist and managing spell damage than any of the other tank-type characters.

I really can’t think of anything else to add, so I’ll leave it there. More details are available on the Bad Kitty Games forum if you’re a backer, and I hope everyone enjoys this new mechanic when it comes out in the December release!

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    1. The inventory of the Flower Girl changes each day (also you can duplicate in oyu invest in her), you have to keep checking her inventory daily and you would eventually would be able to buy flowers.

    2. Hey man its that little girl, She sells random things so try talking to her another non rainy day to see if she sells. I typically just stocked up 40flowers because of that reason

  1. Hmm … I guess that’s one possibility, and I like the class change.

    Probably won’t use since for me the main hero being a tank is a “nay” thing (still hoping it’ll somewhen become possible to outdamage Elaiya), but eh, my preferences aside it does look like a nice idea.

  2. Can anyone tell me if that farm girl is missable or not? I saw the Farm burning scene but have yet to invest and get the girl.

    And Is it ok to use your old save data? Or will you lose out on some of the content?

    1. It’s usually okay to use your old save. Remember to bring your Replay.rvdata2 file along for the ride. I’ll usually mention in the change notes whether you’ll need a new file or not- they’re not entirely boring lists of minor fixes interspersed with occasional meta jokes.

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