I Tried To Plan Better, I Swear

So, the next release might be delayed. I’m getting really tired of saying that, but it’s part of the risk when there’s only one developer on a project. When life hands me lemons, everything else needs to stop and wait while I put the lemons in the fridge. Or something. Maybe eat them- that would certainly match my current mood.

Okay, so next week I’m losing anywhere from 1-3 work days due to a diagnostic medical procedure I’m undergoing. I don’t want to share the details, but I’ll let you all know of course if anything catastrophic occurs. I knew about this happening for quite awhile, and I was prepared to deal with it and keep development going around it.

Then, last week, the sewer in my house backed up and flooded part of our basement. Other than our Christmas and Halloween decor getting drenched in awful shit water, Nekochan and I have to deal with the smell and filth until the insurance guy gets here to take their accounting, as well as the sick cat (who bravely used her litter box despite it being on the edge of Shit Water Lake and subsequently contracted a furrier, more adorable version of Montezuma’s Revenge) and soon having a couple walls in our basement being torn up and replaced. On top of that, sometime in the next couple of weeks our water will be shut off for a day while the sewer pipe leading from our house to the main gets repaired.

So in the two weeks leading up to testing week I will have maybe six days free, period, between the medical stuff, cleaning up, dealing with the insurance guy, and abandoning the house while the toilets are unusable. If I am very, very lucky, some of this will happen concurrently, freeing up some more time, but at the moment things are not looking good.

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  1. First of all, my best wishes on your diagnostic medical procedure (and the diagnostic of course). Second, in my home they are rebuilding the bathroom downstairs so I know a bit about shit water and the likes.

    About the release date, have you give any thought to do fewer (but bigger) releases per year? I know that this kind of decision affects your patrons mostly, but from my point of view sounds like a reasonable commitment.

    Just my two cents.

  2. no worries man with all this bad luck i’m sure your in for something amazingly good happening, and take as much time as you need a great game such as this is well worth the wait.

    1. Something amazingly good is already happening. I get to work my dream job from when I was a kid! Well, except for the hentai… my dream job from when I was a teenager?

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