What’s Going On

So here’s what’s going on with the next release of Harem Collector.

There will be a release in earl-to-mid December. I’m going to shoot for December 9th for backers and 16th for the public, but I make no promises. This version will contain at least the Phantom Knight quest, the alchemy system implementation, and a few other things. If I can get all the things done and there are no problems, it might be the complete release with Diadira included.

If not, I’ll do a second release, late December to early January, with just Diadira and her recruitment quest.

If it makes sense to do this going forward, I might just end up releasing new versions one quest at a time if there’s a positive response to this. If you have comments on that, please let me know!

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  1. I prefer the way you do now, release a version every month with more quests instead of releasing two versions just for a new quest, and I think the way you do now give us some time to play the game and report the bugs to you.
    Speaking of bugs, I can’t take Yeon out of the dungeon, I already reached the necessary relationship with her but she still in there

    1. Having seen a few others report a similar bug for this issue, have you checked your inventory to confirm that you have at least one slave collar Pedro?

    1. Because last time I did that there were a bunch of fatal bugs and I literally spent most of Christmas Day bugfixing and uploading new releases.
      That being said, I usually put out a small christmas gift for backers.

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