Public Devstream Announcement!

I had a really great time doing the Patron devstream. It really got me energized, and so I put my nose to the grindstone and finished the dungeon over the course of the weekend. I should have a ribbon on that entire quest by the end of the week. I have a good feeling about the May update.

Anyway, because the Patron stream was such a good time, I’m happy to announce that next time, everyone is invited. On April 16th, from 4pm-6pm EDT, the Harem Collector Devstream will be open to the public. Anyone can join, backers and casual fans alike. Further, the second Devstream every month will always be open to the public from now on. Details will be available in next week’s blog post.

As for game progress, there are two other things I’m currently working on. One, which will probably be the subject of next weekend’s stream, is that I’m finally implementing the other arena tournaments. That’s proved to be difficult, because back-ending all the other arena stuff to “Hour of the Beasts” has proved to be a pain in the ass. Once I’ve got that cleaned up, though, it’ll be fun to sit down with everyone and come up with some arena competitors.

The other thing is that I’m sitting down to examine all the enemy types and elements, determining their usefulness. I’m not going to making things too much harder, I’m mostly interested in making sure all the elements are equally useful, which will probably entail adding weaknesses, if anything. Also, making sure that all the status effect strength/weakness/immunities are all copacetic. The enemy types don’t need to be balanced against each other, obviously.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I’ve got some camgirls to exploit for wardrobe tokens….

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  1. I, for one, wasn’t even thinking about Arena stuff, but now that you mentioned it, it sounds pretty fun. I personally wanted to see some more Non-human District stuff, and maybe some… You know, new scenes, or some new quests. Keep up the work, you’re making a lot of horny people very happy. XD

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