A Few Brief Words

Not a whole lot today. I have a copy of the game out to testers, although I’m a day or two behind finishing the tournament content. Unfortunately, something came up and I was unable to finish up today, but if I make some time on the weekend I should able to catch up just fine.

As for the new content, there will be three tournaments available in the new content. There are five tournaments overall, but one is supposed to be postgame content, and the other needs to be balanced for Level 30, which is impossible at the moment since the game tops out in the mid-twenties. Still, the working parts of those tournaments will be in the game data but dummied out, awaiting only for statistics and enemy behaviour before being added.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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    1. Back when Nekochan was still doing the Player’s Guide for backers, she got really frustrated with al the treasures hidden in bookshelves during that quest. So she left a secret message.

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