Harem Collector v0.26.4 Public Release!

DO NOT DELETE YOUR SAVE! Version 0.26.5 fixes the problem where old save data wasn’t loading. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Finally, after many, many months, it’s finally here: Every party member has been implemented in the game! There are also a lot of other cool changes, so please review the changelog carefully this time!

You can find the game at the usual place.

Changes in this version:
-Two new quests! One happens in Westcastle Outer District, one happens by speaking to Earl Nicholas.
-A new party member and harem girl, finally completing the set of party members!
-That also means a new sex scene, with art and everything this time!
-The end of Mister Postman has also been added to the game.
-The Holy Diver can now be used as an upgrade for the Hero’s sword. This is followed by a short scene with the party member you have the highest relationship with, so make sure your waifu is ready.
-The followers menu new remembers your followers’ likes and dislikes.
-New banters have been added for Therese x Kyrie and Bronwyn x Chimei.
-The Dev Item chest has been turned into a legitimate Easy Mode with slightly altered benefits.
We will now accept bug reports having to do with Timeturner use.
-Shields now universally provide some measure of damage resistance against Projectile.
Armour (light and heavy) now universally provide a degree of damage resistance against Melee.
-Magic headgear now provides 5% universal magic resistance rather than a magic reflection effect.
-The enemy Cover mechanics have been changed. Bombs will now dispel cover if they hit the person doing the covering. Blind, Knockdown, Paralysis, Sleep and Stun will also dispel cover, and attacks that cause Grab, Pin and Stagger have a chance to dispel cover.
-A new tutorial explaining what Cover is and how it works has been added, it will be shown when you encounter your first enemy that can use Cover or a similar skill.
-A few character’s upgrade items have been replaced to better pace weapon upgrades.
-Improved Assault now only costs 15 momentum, but does not give Hero 10 momentum.
-The main menu now includes a link to the Bad Kitty Game Patreon.
-The seeker’s stone now works automatically by having it in your inventory
-A lot of UI changes intended to give players more information. The equipment and status screens now give much more detailed statistics (including damage resistances, and what kind of damage you’re inflicted) and damage of different types is labeled during battle sequences.
-Elemental effects are now indicated with new, (hopefully) clearer icons.
-The ‘escape’ option has been replaced with access to the status menu in-battle.
-The Satisfaction menu has gotten a visual update.
-Florine’s item shop has been revamped, if you had upgraded it on an old save-file you will be refunded the satisfaction that you spent.
-‘Random Healing’ from skills like Therese’s ‘Shining Strike’ now target the party member with the lowest current HP, this applies to enemy heals as well.
-There was an issue where the ‘burned’ status did not properly reduce regeneration, it does now.
-Bug fixes. Lots and lots of them.

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      1. I’m relatively new here, but this is going to be a series of games? Does that mean we’ll be able to load are end game save data for this game into the next one?

        1. That’s the plan! Although we don’t know yet if save transfers are going to be feasible, we might have to default to a player-based transfer system (a la KotOR II).

          1. No, it would be like, weaving details into the player’s first interactions with the game like so…
            Therese: Whatever happened to those nuns? You know, the Battle Sisters I was fighting with when you first captured me?
            >I sold them into slavery
            >I gave them back to the church

            And then changing the dialogue/story as appropriate. You get the idea, I hope.

          2. I get it, but that’s kind of disappointing. It means all the “extra” stuff I do won’t matter, like money, levels, items, etc. I hope you find some way to carry data over.

          3. I mean, unless the “end” of the game is some kind of time gap or event that resets everything for the player and his party, including relationship levels, it won’t really make a lot of sense. Also, based on your use of the word “series”, I assume there would be more than two games, you’d probably have to do something like that at the end of each game and that’d be frustrating in it’s own way for the kind of game this is.

          4. Well, all I can say for now is that I’m planning a two year time skip between HC1 and HC2. I’m really not a place yet to do anything but make some broad plans.

  1. I only just found this game a few days ago, and now I have to start over? But congratulations for hitting what sounds like a major milestone! The game’s been very enjoyable thus far!

    1. You don’t, actually! We had a small bug that prevented some old saves from opening. Please grab v0.26.5 and then move your “saveXX.rvdata2”, “misc_data.rvdata2” and “replay.rvdata2” into the new folder!

  2. Is there something in this update that could possibly break old saves? Because my save which worked fine with the last update will not load now. No error or crash or anything like that, it just simply does not do anything when I select it on the Load Game screen.

    1. We’ve fixed this in the newest version, 0.26.5. It flew by us because we were so excited by the new satisfaction menu, we didn’t test the code properly. Sorry!

    1. This has been resolved as of the version 0.26.6 release which is now up. Please download it and have a day pass either through use of the timetuner, completing a quest, or otherwise. Apologies that for the inconvenience!

  3. When I try to use my old save in this version and open the satisfaction menu, I get the following error:

    Script ‘Flo’s Shop’ line 172: NoMethodError occurred.

    undefined method `[]’ for nil:NilClass

    And then the game shuts itself down.

    1. Whoops, sorry about that, was a bit excited to get the new shop code out and this one slipped by me. It has been fixed as of the version 0.26.6 release which is out now!

  4. I also just noticed that when a day passes in game, the game adds Diadira at level 1 to my list of usable characters. She isn’t added to my followers list and she doesn’t appear anywhere in the house, she just appears on the menu screen, and I can put her into my party.

  5. In Version 0.26.5

    Ending the day:
    Yeon’s NPC permanently disappears from all of the mansions. This bug is limited to her NPC – since Yeon can still be added/removed from the party and is present in the character menu.
    Neither regular questing, nor the Time Turner were able to fix this issue.

    Mr. Postman (while talking to “Mitzi” at the Paladin Fortress)
    There is a small typo when Mitzi tells you about her sister (“invetsigation”).

    Get Dumped (Magic Dump Southeast)
    The Seeker’s Stone hints at a hidden treasure near a chest (down and to the right). Using the shovel indicates otherwise: as if one was digging at a non-relevant spot.

    Eastfort Mansion – Main Hall Right Bookcase
    Doll quite tenaciously blocks a bookcase where the Seeker’s Stone hints at some treasure/lore/point-of-interest. Although it might just be one of those “missable” things.
    While this could very well be an old bug or no issue at all, I just noticed it because of the recent change to the Seeker’s Stone.

    1. Yeon disappearing is fixed in the 0.26.6 version. Sorry for any inconvenience!

      We’ll work on fixing the other things listed. As for the item Doll is blocking, it’s a Porno Mag. It was originally supposed to be a hidden thing for people to find if they don’t have Doll yet, but given the changes to the Seeker’s Stone we’ll probably end up moving it.

  6. Version .26?
    Did I miss Version .25?


    I’m not sure if it’s a Bug, but after finding out how Diadira is bound by her contract and promising to do something about it nothing happens. No Quest, no “Relax, this Quest isn’t finished yet”, nothing. Seems kinda odd.

    1. Version 0.25 was the Backer mini-release for December. If you’re not a $10 or higher backer, you didn’t really miss anything.

      As for Diadira, getting her contract is going to be part of her Love Quest, a little bit like how the Hero’s deal with Elaiya worked.

  7. Bug report:

    If you enter the Chimera Clearing but without Gargan in the party, it tells you you need to go and find him. Then, if you’re carrying Rancid Sausages, EV003 page 3 gets stuck in an autorun infinite loop because Gargan’s not in the party to respond to the event, and the game freezes up.

    1. Second bug report, related to the first:

      If you walk into the Chimera Clearing and Gargan *is* in the party, it sets variable 180 and forces you to go talk to the Sausage Lady even if you are already carrying Rancid Sausages.

  8. Warning, the following contains spoilers:

    The mission “Hall Monitor from Hell” is in some dire need of balancing.

    My party consists of Protag, Healbot, Bard and Bountyhunter all level 15, and the students are far too powerful. Already the entry fight in the clubhouse is more often than not already the death sentence for the entire party and the inability to leave southport during the mission makes this an effective softlock, especially since the boss is far too strong as well.

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