What’s Next? (May Release Goals)

…Is it Wednesday already? Fuck. Well, okay, I think I can stop licking Ann Takamaki’s thighs long enough to tell you guys what’s going on.

First of all, I need to fix up a handful of vacation content issues tonight, and will roll out v0.27.4 around midnight or so. It won’t be new content, mostly, because fixing up the vacation is probably going to be a long term thing from here on out. I’ll try to add a little bit every update, though, so check back in with the vacation from time to time.

As for v0.28, coming out next May, the biggest chunk of content will be a new quest in the Save the Elves questline. Obviously I don’t want to give away new plot details, but for the first time that plot will be getting out of the vale and joining the larger Middle Kingdom. I’m looking forward to getting the Hero to look cool a little bit, and of course there will be a little more involvement from Bronwyn, plus Conash is doing to try his hand at enemy design, which is pretty exciting.

Another thing that’s going on, is that I’m going on a fairly hardcore recruitment guide. I’ve heard all the complaints, had a talk with GusBus, and we’ve agreed to part ways professionally. So I need to recruit 2-3 artists,which will hopefully unfold over the next couple weeks.

That’s about it for now, I suppose. At least I can’t think of anything. I’ll be updating the April schedule in a couple days, the backer devstream will be this weekend so that link’s going out soon, so please pay attention for that. Thanks for your support, and happy fapping.

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