Hey everyone! Sorry for the late arrival this week! Everything to do with the new quest kind of fell apart at the last second, so Conash, SacB0y and I were cramming together the mini-release last minute. And even then, we just ran out of time. >.< Several parts of the new quest- dialogue and enemy behaviour to name two, ended up being more problematic than we expected and we dropped the ball. In the process of picking that ball up again, the blog post this week was... kind of... forgotten about. But here I am, working hard on a Friday night just so this way there can be *something* up, right? So Nekochan and I had a chat the other day concerning concept art, and we determined the next three characters who are going to get their CGs finished. The order (for now) is going to be: Alina (in progress) -> Silvayuco -> Yamamaya (including Yamamaya + Alina) -> Serade -> Evanie -> Chimei

The reason for this is that Serade, Evanie and Chimei are all due for minor character redesigns for one reason or another. Evanie still needs to be given custom assets. Serade needs to look more milf-y. I personally want to put some hints to Chimei’s background in her outfit- namely, giving her some kind of miko-ish to wear, so her special abilities seem a little less incongruent. And also because miko outfits are cute <3 So there you have it! You can also expect from this that the next two love quests are going to belong to Serade and Chimei... so there's that to look forward to, in time. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for your patience, and I'll see you all next Wednesday as usual!

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