Extreme Makeover, Manor Edition

So, this month we’re working on the manor revision, as well as setting up a few things in preparation for the relationship system overhaul that is currently planned for v0.31.

The manor revision is pretty basic- chances are, if you’ve been following along games made by amateurs in RPG Maker before you’ve seen something like this before. We’re tightening up how the manor is laid out, reducing the total number of maps, and making things much more compact. It should be easier to move around and involve fewer screen transitions to get where you need to go. Further, the maps will be smaller in general- no more running through that massive, empty front hall.

Finally, we’re adding a Kamidori-like furniture system. You’ll be able to buy new furniture, rearrange things, and make the layout of your manor however you like. All rooms will have a type- for example, the Chapel will still be the Chapel- but what you put in those rooms will be up to you. Right now, we’re setting it up so that you can place things like trophies, banners and that sort of thing, but eventually you’ll have a wide array of options so you can decorate to your heart’s content.

There are two reasons why we’re going to all this trouble. One is to make it so that the various player housing is yours, and you can customize it to your heart’s content. Want a massive trophy wall in your bar? Sure. Want to wave your middle finger at the Angels by setting up your chapel for Elven Spirit worship? Go ahead, fuck ’em. We’re also going to tie some functions into the various furnitures- such as making you purchase a wooden horse, a whipping post and a fucking machine separately for the dungeon, for example.

The other reason has to do with the relationship system overhaul, like I mentioned. As I’ve said elsewhere, the new relationship system will be mainly passive. The idea is that every harem girl will have separate happiness and relationship score trackers, with the relationship score ticking upwards based on how generally happy your harem girl is. While gifts can provide a temporary boost to that happiness, more importantly will be caring for your harem girl’s wants, tastes and needs. This has the added benefit of reducing the amount of “chores” you’ll need to do- since gifting will be less important, you can focus on actually playing the game rather than delivering 20+ presents to various harem girls.

All your manors, except for some that will have already been occupied, will start with low-tier furniture, and you’ll be able to buy new stuff and work your way up. Keep in mind that just because something is pricier doesn’t mean that it’s going to be better- certain girls are going to want to be in the lap of luxury, but others prefer a simpler lifestyle. Don’t worry, the happiness changes your furniture placement will affect will be spelled out for you, so there won’t be a lot of guesswork.

Anyway, that’s a lot of stuff to do! So, I’m out of here for now. Thanks for following the blog, and like always, happy fapping!

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  1. that would be good because something u pick strange item when clearing some quest, like piano from meline love quest etc.
    well can’t wait for that ^ ^
    Good day and happy fapping..

  2. The new relationship system sounds nice. Just don’t be afraid of adding events that lower happiness or relationship, those increase immersion quite a bit.

    In case you guys aren’t yet sure how to implement it I’d recommend to look at “the last sovereign” (which you probably know, considering that it’s one of if not the best rpg-maker porn game) and “bandit assault” (which suck at pretty much everything else but has a nice relationship system). Basically, both use player decisions to modify relationship scores both up and down.

    For HC, for example, choosing to rape the werewolf or the kellosian maid could negatively impact therese’s points but raise yama’s (since it shows her mate’s strength) and larelle’s (since she seems more than just a little sadistic). Also obviously, having rough sex would have to lower happiness for non-masochistic girls while doll or alina seem like they’d be rather dissappointed with everything else.

  3. Can i report something sir Conash?
    In the game it was running very smoothly but when its started to rain and i go to the world map? the whole game is black and non of the walking animation works…the inventory and others are working fine, and when i turn it off the rain animation still the same , laggy and delayed. what should i do sir?

    1. Yeah, sorry the rain animation thing didn’t fix that issue like I thought. What I’d advise is saving your game, shutting down your computer, cleaning off your computer for dust and let it cool off. Doing that, and maybe cleaning up your computer for temporary files and whatnot tends to speed things up a lot for me. Not sure if it’d fix things for you, I’ll keep my eye out for fixing up the Rain issue fully! Sorry that the animation thing didn’t fix it!

  4. Any hope for a future system in which we can task a slave to collect all the gifts (+stuff like alchemy [ideally with an “empty the stack, then inform me you need a new job” function)] & investments from Apple/Orange Kid) that make it necessary to travel to every house every day and collect stuff?

    That’s the main other chore I see in this game.

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