New Year Outlook

Here’s how my year has gone so far:

January 1st: Nice, relaxing day, got a little bit of work done.
January 2nd: Set out year-long goals in writing, got all the contract work in line for the next month.
January 3rd: Head cold

I am currently writhing with a mixture of frustration and the shivers as I consult the best medical advice available on the interwebs to figure out why the fuck, between Nekochan and I, one of us is basically sick at all times. We’ve tried pretty much everything at this point, and I’m honestly on the verge of bathing the cat in hand sanitizer and setting fire to all our clothes.

Anyway, my moaning aside….

Like I mentioned, I’m writing a list of fairly detailed long-term goals this year, breaking them down into seasonal, monthly, and weekly targets, with a little bit of wiggle room to be revised as needed. I’m still ironing out the details on the “career” goals, but I’m hoping this new method of planning things works out.

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick “check-in”, can’t word good with a head cold so I’m trying to stick to more “menial” game-elated tasks like enemy and map design. See you next week!

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