Art Acceleration

Starting this week, we’re adding a new funding option for those who want to support development of the game and are frustrated with the large backlog of old or unfinished sex scenes. You will now be able to directly fund art assets for sex scenes in the backlog, accelerating art assets to be worked on alongside the usual art schedule. This allows fans of particular characters to invest directly in getting art for their preferred scenes done first.

There are a few stipulations:
-Payments are processed via Paypal. While payments are processed through the Bad Kitty Games Paypal account, all payment go 100% into the new artwork- BKG does not take a “cut”.
-The cost of a sex scene is generally $70 per image. We will not accept payment for a sex scene piecemeal, however we are willing to accept payments from multiple individuals if a coalition forms to pay for one of these sex scenes.
-The other major factor is SacB0y’s schedule. We will fit in the accelerated sex scene art as soon as possible, but this isn’t the only game that SacB0y is working on, and if this program proves popular, SacB0y may simply end up worked to capacity.
-After payment is received in full, work will generally begin on the following month, and take 3-4 weeks, although there may be delays that you will informed of up front.
-For now, only scenes with existing 3DCG are being pre-assessed. If you’d like to accelerate any other scenes, by all means ask, and I can provide you with an answer.

You can find the pre-assessed prices and other details here.

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