Iron Waifu Approaches….

May is coming, and with it, the legendary contest known as… IRON WAIFU!

I’m feeling pretty stoked, and I’m excited to see people discussing the upcoming contest in advance. However, things are going to be just slightly different this year, so I figured I’d run down some of the changes.

Previous winners will NOT be re-admitted to the contest. If you were hoping to vote again for Therese, sorry, but she, as well as Alina, are retired permanently from the contest. They’ve already won, after all.

Oh, what’s that? Therese hasn’t had a full art revamp done yet? Well, never fear… Therese will be the first harem girl to get new art following this year’s Iron Waifu, so she won’t get left out for long.

Another thing that we’re doing differently this year is that we’re spelling out the rewards for each character if they win. That will be a complete rundown, including any quests, how many new sex scenes they have coming, and the like for every girl in running. As our usual policy goes, nobody is getting any extra, originally unplanned content as a result of the Iron Waifu results, so some girls will absolutely be getting more than others. Still, this whole thing is merely to determine the order in which the content gets done, so don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

Finally, we’ll be drawing the new bracket during this month’s Backer Devstream, the date of which hasn’t been set yet, so if you’re interested in seeing that happen, please remember to stay tuned!

That’s all for now, so until next time, Harem Collector fans!

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  1. Will getting 5 of the antique armor shards from the Kellos quest by completing the quest five times using the new game + fairy allow you to get the antique knight armor?

      1. I know this is just a suggestion from a casual player,but would it be good if we have a Discord Server? I mean it could steadily improve the game by having the people mention their suggestions in a discord group,also easier for you to find out certain bugs found by other players.

        It’s certainly one way of helping the game develop for people who can’t afford to donate at Patreon.

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