April Release Delayed

The next release of Harem Collector will be delayed until the 24th. IRL has been running roughshod on me right now, as I’m sure the college students among you will understand. As I mentioned before, I attend college part-time on top of a full-time job, and all my free time has been spent on preparing for my exam and finishing my last course. The last straw was having my exam scheduled on the day I initially wanted to release- there was no way I could put the polish on a new release while studying.

However, this won’t mean that the May release will be pushed back- so hopefully from here on I’ll be able to stick with my “first Wednesday after the 15th” release plan.

TMy primary focus when I have has time to work on the game as been the Undead Assault quest. This quest will be far more involved than the Clock Shop quest, and I’m considering increasing the quest reward money. Expect an experience more on par with the Blacksmith Quest in terms of pure content.

The Undead Assault quest will also have the hero use his dungeon for the first time ever. Which, I’m happy to say, is much more interesting writing than the more vanilla sex scenes I’ve done so far.

Each dungeon character will present a choice, one of three options. The slave collars are 100% effective (on humans, at least), but how much of a given slave’s mind remains their own is inversely proportional to the resistance they offer to being a slave. Basically, a character who very strongly doesn’t want to be your slave and offers a great deal of resistance will be completely broken by the collars, becoming something just above a mindless drone, completely obedient but unable to make decisions for themselves.

When you encounter such a character, you have three options on how to deal with them. One is to pop the slave collar on anyway and assuming total control of the character in question. This offers unique scenes and lets you benefit from the character immediately, but locks off the relationship track and any associated sidequests. Option two is to break them the old-fashioned away, sexually torturing them until they ask to be collared. With this option the character in question keeps their individuality and volition, the relationship track is available, but it takes awhile to torture a character until they break. Each character will also have preferences when it comes to torture- some respond better to humiliation, others to pain, and on top of that there are Satisfaction bonuses to be had by trying different options each time.

As a distant third option, you may still give gifts to your prisoners and earn their affection that way, but come on- if you wanted to play one of those squishy feeling hentai games, you wouldn’t be here.

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  1. I am totally going to go third option every time, because it sounds hilarious. I mean, come on… An unrepentant, mildly psychotic (see turnip farm incident) slaver locks you in his personal torture dungeon, and… Lavishes you with pretty dolls and beautiful flowers! MWAHAHAHA! Truly diabolical!

    On that note, you should totally write the girls as being increasingly bewildered as you give them gifts while they’re locked in the dungeon.

  2. hmm interesting options.

    but I will switch topics to the release schedule as long as we get an update on progress we don’t really need a beta update. just something to tell us it isn’t dead this way you don’t feel pressured to make a release on the 15th of every month that is nice and all but not necessary. as the game gets more complex it will be harder and harder to make that monthly update. I would suggest doing releases when you want to bug test elements of the game. say you add a new girl/system/quest line and you want to make sure it runs the same on their copy as it does yours. but in all truth it is YOUR decision we can be forced to wait. I sometimes wait a year between updates on games (*coff* Elysium *coff*)

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