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    1. Yes, sir. Although you’ll have to take my word for it, unfortunately. I catch up on the Trenches about once a month and didn’t even know the story was there.

      Obviously, I don’t have a problem with N/C content in a game myself, but since these guys were trying to “Westernize” the dating sim genre and sell the game for profit…. I couldn’t believe that none of them realized what they had put in the game.

      The game itself was mostly very plain- you played a transfer student to a school in the country, having transferred out from a large North American city. The game was set up in blocks of time kind of like Persona 3+4, and could only do certain things at certain times of the day. There wasn’t a lot of magic or fantasy elements in the setting, except for a new age/wicca supply store where you could buy the aforementioned potion and a couple other things that were slightly out of place in the setting.

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