Harem Collector Donor’s Pack Released!

Hey everyone, if you donated you should receive shortly the Harem Collector Donor’s Pack, filled with goodness. Or if not goodness, something at least.

If a .rar file doesn’t work for you, please email me (specifically contact me via email) and I’ll send you the individual parts of the Pack as attachments.

I hope you all enjoy and that there are no fatal errors this time!

2 Replies to “Harem Collector Donor’s Pack Released!”

    1. To be honest, I feel really bad because a lot of this is simple stuff I would have caught if I would do a full-on playthrough now and then rather spot-checking these things. I’ll have to commit to better QC in the future.

      In other news, Nekochan is using her leet secretarial skillz and showing me how to set up a proper mail merge program so there will be no privacy breaches like that in the future.

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