Plans for July Release

Work proceeds on the next version. There were so many bugs related to the item table changes that unfortunately I didn’t get much progress done, but next month should feature a new quest (about the same size as One Is the Lonliest Party) and few other things added.

The big change that will no doubt be a bastard in terms of bug reports- I have a new sprite and faces for the hero and Meline I’m working on adding to the game. Also, the way the Seeker’s Stone works might change if I have time, becoming an infinite-use item that makes sparkles appear where there are hidden items.

Honestly, I wish I had started making custom sprites and face sooner rather than later. The majority of my development time seems to be taken up by re-doing things I’ve already done, then paging through all the events in the game to make sure it all looks the same (with mixed results). Hopefully as I catch up with myself, my work time will improve.

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  1. Put this on the LoK forum, decided to place it here as well.

    A suggestion/idea for one of the future girls you can acquire. Remember the Guy slave named Eric? Well, the idea I have is that our hero can take a moment to look at Eric, and discovers that Eric is rather androgynous, and a random thought of “if he had breasts and no cock, he’d be sexy as hell” or something like that pops up, and then he goes on a quest to get a Gender Change potion, which he uses on Eric after purchasing him, turning him into a cock loving whore who lusts only for masters dick (or some such)

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