Oh The Things That You’ll See

One of the privileges of making Harem Collector has been the sheer amount of new stuff I’ve been exposed to. I mean, I know this is the internet, everything ever is on the internet for our collective enjoyment, but you’d be amazed at the stuff I A) never thought about trying, or B) would never have tried without prodding.

Firmly in category A is the whole mind control fetish thing. I value Harem Collector’s fans from the mind control community, and it has been really awesome to sample the games put out by MC fans that are in that sweet spot where their fetish rubs up against my dominance/slavery fetish.

…That ended up sounding really unintentionally sexual.

Anyway, if that sounds like your boat, Hypnopics has a sizable RAGS community, RAGS being an engine for making point and click puzzle games.

Relatedly is the Overlord series of games. I started Harem Collector partly because I thought Cypress_Z wasn’t making Overwhored anymore, and since his game is pretty awesome I recently picked up Overlord II on a lark. It’s a very enjoyable game, although it feels really rushed and cut short. Still, I got a foursome with all potential dark mistresses. And after trying to play a domination Overlord, well, with the female victim’s voice clips it’s no wonder that game is popular in the MC community.

Another unexpected joy that’s come my way has been Oreimo. Although Meline started out as a joke character, writing for her has put siscon and incest on mine and my wife’s collective radar, which eventually lead us to an anime called Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or Oreimo for short. It’s a very cute romcom anime series about a guy finding out his little sister is into dating sims and eroge, and is currently on our watch list.

But, yeah, in general making Harem Collector has been an exciting, weird trip. If you want to share anything you’ve discovered because you caught a reference to it in Harem Collector or any other h-game, don’t be shy to share it below or in the forum threads.

Edit: Speaking of which, I just got Magic DotP 2013 for free off Xbox Gold, and if any of you guys wants to play a game or two and meet me and generally hang out and have good feels, drop me an email.

(Note: This is not the controversial post that I postponed last week. I don’t know if I want to post something that comments on certain issues in the gamer mediaverse, or even if anyone would particularly care to hear my thoughts. The completed document sits on my desktop, unpublished, for now.)

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  1. If you want good hentai games, there are:
    – 魔物っ娘ディフェンス (It’s a funny tower defence)
    -dragon’s bride (rpg-action sex game, relatively famous but I must mention it!)
    -kamidori alchemy meister (s-rpg, visual novel,very beautiful and very long to finish more or less 300 hours if you want 100%)
    -madou koukaku (a hentai war game with harem ending!)

    If someone is interrested for more good H games, send me a mail at seleukos73@gmail.com. I will respond with pleasure!

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