Bugs Aside…

Wow, apparently I have a lot of work to do today- woke up to an inbox full of bug reports. I will be getting to them today, but I don’t mind all that much considering how far ahead I am.

Right now, I’m about two weeks ahead of where I expected to be. Implementing new features has been going like a dream thus far, and I’ve had to do very little experimentation or reconfiguring to make them work. This is mostly a testament to JBurton’s coding skills than my own efforts, though.

I won’t make any promises regarding having a new quest done for the November release just yet, but it’s looking better and better all the time.

The big features that are done and ready to go thus far include:
-Gallery mode
-Sell all Vendor Trash options at relevant shops
-Characters now join the party at one level less than the Hero (except for Kyrie in Ain’t No Party Like a Search Party)
-The inventory now uses a script to organize it by category.

That’s about half the new stuff I wanted to get done this release, and it’s not even November yet. Anyway, I’m got to get started on these bugs, so happy playing!

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  1. Awesome to hear about the progress, very excited for it! I’ll be clicking on that donate button in the very near future…

    Out of curiosity, how far along does the game have complete h-scence graphics?

    I was loving the game a version or two ago, but stopped playing because some of the images were missing….I prefer to wait to get all the juicy pics 🙂

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