Harem Collector Public Release is Here!!!

Find it here.

Aw man, that feels so good to say- the first public release since February. This has been a long time coming, but thank you for your patience.

Changes in this version:

-Elaiya’s Love Quest is fully implemented.

-There is now a 25% chance of rain (What do you expect? The country is stuck between the ocean and a mountain range. Northmarket, Eastfort, and Westcastle may as well be Seattle, Vancover and Victoria.) You can also make an offering at a shrine in the Slums to guarantee a rainy day the next day, though. Some stuff changes in the rain- but its not fully implemented yet.

-The Book of Murderation in the Manor’s study now tracks your kill counts by species. By the way, this isn’t backwards compatible- if you want it to reflect your whole playthrough, you’ll need to do another full playthrough. Sorry.

-I’m excited to announce the debut of Kakurine, our new writer helper! Kakurine has re-written the initial Elaiya sex scene “Let’s Make a Deal”, plus most of the new sex scenes appearing in this version.

-Speaking of which, there is a new random scene featuring Lilac, Doll and Chimei, plus an additional bonus scene featuring a mystery girl!

-I’ve messed around with Elaiya’s stats to make her less OP.

-Also, there are more bug fixes and such, as usual.

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  1. Elaiya did not turn to Love after finishing the Love quest, a bug?

    And on the cg replay menu, you can sometimes select an empty space, pressing z when selecting it brings an error. Doesn’t affect gameplay much, but maybe you may want to fix it.

  2. The Virgin Gynocides is broken for me. I’ve got the office key and I gave the manga to the guard, but he runs off-screen and just stands there instead of disappearing. Then, when I try to open the door, I get the message saying it’s locked and the guard tells me that I can’t go in, only one girl, have to keep her a virgin, etc. I quit and reloaded to a save point prior to accepting the quest, started it again, and it still won’t work.

  3. There’s a bug in the virgin gynocides quest: the guy guarding the theatre office doesn’t leave when you give him the tentacle porn and keeps barring you from entering, rendering the quest impossible to complete.

  4. Hmm, has anyone else run into a snag in the Virgin Gynocides quest? all the other parts work fine, but whatever the setup even after getting rid of the guard and getting the key, it’s still giving the response of the guard being there and no key.

  5. I can’t finnish quest The Virgin Gynocides, that guard in theatre doesn’t allow me to enter te room with girls. ( i have key and gave him porn mag. )

  6. 25% chance of rain? Sheesh, I get rain practically every day. And it also messes up some things, like after the tourney with Yama, you watch her buy a meat pie from thin air.

    Also, no sound. I had sound in the previous release, started this one, nothing. I deleted it and redownloaded, nothin’.

  7. Encountered a problem during the “The Virgin Genocides” quest. After receiving the “Theatre Office Key and Tentacle Porn” and after giving “Tentacle Porn” to the guard outside the office he runs off but the game still treats him as though he is still there and thus make it impossible to open the door making the quest impossible to complete.

  8. When characters become unconscious, they revert back to the default character model.
    When changing equipment around or sometimes even at the start of a new area or quest, HP and MP will be deducted for no reason.
    The church can give blessings even when you haven’t talked to Balof Agart yet.
    After beating the zombies, music never comes back on in Lumberhill.
    At the Manor Invasion, Meline joined the 1st battle, but then remained in place instead of joining with the hero.
    After giving the guy the manga in Virgin Genocides, he still won’t let you in the Theater Room. In other words, Virgin
    Genocides cannot be completed. I think this has been reported however, so feel free to ignore it.
    I renamed Doll, but when the relationship counter went to trust, the message said that Doll got +100 mana.
    I know you said it has a 25% chance of rain, but it’s more like 75% really. This is VERY annoying.
    The Eastfort Condo does not heal the party when I leave it.
    Is it just me, or does the Corrupted Mycon seem so much more powerful now?
    The randomly moving sailors on the Cucumber glitched after I cleared the ship and got stuck on the boarding plank, making it impossible for me to get off the ship. I had to restart all over again the level. Then after the mission was completed, it did not advance 1 day.
    Alina’s 2nd H-scene, the Salty Desert, never showed up.

  9. virgin gynocides quests is rebroke and impossible to complete as far as i know since even if you have all 3 quest related keys and the porno when you talk to the guard, you cant enter the room. it acts like hes still guarding it even if you didn’t move 1 square to either side. ive tried handing it to him from all three directions and one even stops him from moving.

  10. 2 minor bugs I noticed in the debt collectors quest for the bank;
    In the theatre, the actress comments that she isn’t Alina, and our Red-haired hero makes a comment on the facesets. Thing is, she doesn’t share a faceset with Alina anymore!
    In Elvo’s house, after breaking into his kitchen and leaving it, one of the crates used to block the front door has a mysterious clone right where it was before it was moved.

    Also, when movement speed is manually changed in an event, it’s never reverted to the previous speed, at least not for me.

    The sign for the monster studies building at the university doesn’t have any writing on it, and neither does the observatory.

    Fame, quest status and satisfaction purchases rarely reverted to previous states when I exited the game program, then tried to continue a saved game.

    There were a few other bugs, but they were so minor that I forgot them. 🙂 I’m sorry if these bugs were mentioned, I just figured I’d mention them…

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