Release Dates

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado since last Wednesday. I’ve been busy and haven’t had a lot of time to work on the game.

Anyway, just wanted to announce that I’m deciding to roll out a new version of Harem Collector in the coming weeks.

Testing Week starts September 24th
Backer Release is October 1st
Public release is October 8th

I’m cutting Doll’s love quest and the elf village out for now, because Meline’s love quest ended up taking four times the amount of time I’d initially budgeted for it and I want to do a release sooner rather than later. Hopefully, following this release, I’ll be able to get on that two-month schedule I talked about holy shit last May.

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  1. Glad to hear it. Can’t wait for the public release. Hey, how’s Nekochan doing? Is her eye okay, any other issues besides what you’ve posted? I hope everything’s all good. NoMoshing, you better not do anything that stupid ever again. Now you go thank your lucky stars that she’s okay and then go kiss your wife and tell her that you love her. Okay, rant over, have a pleasant day.

  2. Looking forwards to the new content! I am wondering if I’ll have to start anew with each new build (not too much of a concern, just a little annoying).

    Couple questions while I think about it, is the ghosty guy that you see a couple of times actually anything of importance, or is he just a *mysterious entity*? Also, are you planning on spoofing any other people/games? (Michael Jackson and Earthbound for SURE, think I’ve spotted a few others) 🙂

      1. I’ve spotted Pokémon for sure (It’s a sacred number!), I know you spoofed something with the *clock weirdos* (we prefer the term clockwork enthusiasts…are you poking fun at the PC mentality?), I’ve seen a Breath of Fire 2 reference (she’s so much like Katt it’s funny) not sure on others though.

        Just keep spoofing and continuing on, and I’ll keep playing it 🙂

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