A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Release….

First off, despite what the title may imply, the release will be along later today- just have to polish things up a bit first, it should be along later this afternoon or at the latest this evening. Second, sorry I didn’t do this post last night, I just plain forgot.

Anyway, I use cloud storage so that 1) I can work on Harem Collector from anywhere, and 2) so that I don’t lose everything if one of my computers happens to fail. A while ago I discovered that my laptop and my work PC weren’t syncing up properly, and I ended up losing a couple of sex scenes, some enemy behaviour, and the entire back half of the “Cannibal Corps” quest. Which was kind of a problem… with the help and patience of the testing team, we’ve managed to pull everything together, but it has lead to a pretty big change.

I originally had two ideas for Cannibal Corps. One idea was very plot-relevant, but in terms of the style of the dungeon and the enemies you face would have been very similar to several other quests. The other idea involved a dungeon that is (I hope) unique and funny, but wasn’t very relevant to the plot, and had kind of a limp ending where the important stuff happened off-screen.

While I went with the second idea initially, while I was re-finishing the quest over the weekend, I wanted to do something more. It also didn’t feel right dropping the big reveal for the Demon Cult questline and then not doing anything with it for months while I get the rest of the questlines caught up. So, despite having a dungeon and a boss and all that stuff, Cannibal Corps isn’t actually over this update. You’ll have a (hopefully) fun little dungeon, and the chance to advance a day, but that’s only the first half of the quest. There will be a second dungeon, with the big plot bombs, when I’m ready to go on with the next bit of the Demon Cult questline.

Anyway, just thought you all deserve to know what’s going on with that one quest! I’d better get to polishing, so thanks as always and happy fapping!

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  1. That’s alright, I can wait 🙂

    But big plot bombs? I think this is something that have to do with the girl in our hero’s harem, maybe involving Raina or Gargan?

    1. About the plotline, not really touching on anyone in specific…. Though Gargan has a great deal of personal investment in the demon cult arc anyway, the reveal isn’t about that situation specifically.

  2. You should think about using a version control system instead of backing up to dropbox. Github and Bitbucket both have free cloud repos for Git (I’m sure there are options for the other major version control systems [SVN, Mercurial, etc], but as a die-hard Git fan, I haven’t spent any time looking into them).

    1. I have some time this week where I’m sorting out website stuff, potential new hosting, etc, so I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I’m still desperately hoping that Cannibal Corps isn’t too dark. The resolution of The Virgin Gynocides really stuck in my craw as SHOCKINGLY grim and depressing, completely out of tone with the entire rest of this generally light-hearted and silly game- on the one hand you have this story about this goofy asshole who turns women into sex slaves in his harem, completely played for comedy laughs, and then BAM you go on a mission to rescue 3 kidnapped girls only to find 2 of them died in agonising pain, melted from the inside out by acidic demon semen, before you even STARTED looking for them. And then you have to deal with the devastated grief of their families. That really bothered me, and I’m hoping Cannibal Corps isn’t more in the same vein. The end of Finishing Unfinished Business (Elaiya having to put down her monstrous husband after discovering he was the one who’d killed their child and she’d been wrongly seeking revenge against her actual friends all along) was pretty dark too, but at least that was established from the start of her character arc.

    1. It’s not as in-your-face dark as Virgin Gynocides, but it kind of has a dark backstory… well, you’ll see. I suspect it’s going to be a case of your mileage may vary.

      1. Someone correctly guessed the story behind the copyright issue thing (and I confirmed it) on the BKG forums if you’re really super curious. I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, if that’s alright. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the whole unsynced dropbox panic thing, I probably would have been able to implement new art and it wouldn’t even be a big deal.

  4. This is awsome and all ut when is the updates to the game going to be put in a link becuase the only links i know of are on hong to the one link in july so can’t exactly play your awsome new updated game if there is no links or updates going up ever fyi unless you put them some where else but if so it makes it even harder becuse there is nothing inside the left side bar saying “download area here” if you catch my drift.

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