So the recent “February Update” was the result of a leak. I wanted to give patrons a small update, where they can see what I’ve accomplished in the month between releases, and see what their money is being used on. It was very rough and unfinished, because it was meant to be a “snapshot” of upcoming changes rather than a fully-fledged update.

Unfortunately, someone leaked the mini-update. And I’ll be honest, I’m pretty angry about this. Something that was rough, that was meant to be a quick update for backers only, now has to stand to public scrutiny as an example of my work. Something that was meant to be a reward to backers for supporting my work is now public. So, I don’t know if I’ll do mini-updates again, and I’m concerned about the one week early updates for backers, because they will probably be leaked, might already have been leaked, making that entire practice pointless as well.

So, open letter: Screwing patrons like this, by leaking patron-only content, is a great way to disincentivise patrons from supporting game development. If patrons choose to leave  the campaign because of this, or if would-be patrons choose not to support the campaign because they can get all the benefits elsewhere, that negatively impacts my ability to work on the game. Now, I’m sure that many of my patrons would continue to support the campaign anyway just to help development of the game, but this doesn’t help.

What’s worse, is that the leaks happened to mirror sites that run their own ads. Someone else was profiting off my hard work. Off something that everyone can have for free, so long as those who want to support my work let me make a decent living.

This whole rant was probably pointless. Oh well, at least it make me feel a bit better.

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  1. Sorry to say that but the reason I’m not signing up for some patrons (including yours) is that they are offering content to there patron users from a week to a month early based on there monthly donation – something I’m against. Unfortunately boycotting them and leaving messages for them doesn’t help so even tough I don’t support the practice of leaking something the author intend to offer for free after some time I hope that you’ll finally have a reason to give some thoughts on my (and others) choice to boycott authors like you… and maybe decide to offer other stimulus for patron in place of the early access.

    P.S. I’ll not be downloading this leak as I believe in respecting an authors wishes regarding the use of his creation, but I know many people will be tempted to do so or will do so not without even realizing they are downloading a backers preview version.

    1. The reason why the early access is so important is because it lets me offer Patrons something that doesn’t require additional work on my part. I still offer artwork, cameos, and custom scenes for higher-tier backers, but for the majority of low-tier backers the early access is the easiest way to offer some reward that doesn’t require a lot of extra time from me. I suspect the reason why the earlier access is so popular is for the same reason.

      I respect your decision not to back me because of that, though. Obviously, it’s your right to “vote with your wallet”. I would be interested in hearing what kind of incentives you would feel are appropriate.

  2. I’m a bit upset that it got leaked as one of your patrons, but not so much that I would have stopped supporting you.

    For a short bit a job scare made me wonder if I would have to (laying off 7 of the 13 people on my team made me nervous I would be one of them) but that didn’t come to pass.

  3. I’m kind of surprised you haven’t realized that this is the way it usually goes on the internet by now~~~ (^・ω・^ )

    Seriously though, I don’t really think you should worry too much about the leaks as there is little you can do about them.

    I can only speak for myself, but when I donate, it’s to help out. Nothing more or less.

    As for the sites that get profit via adds, I admit that it’s aggravating on a moral perspective. But from a technical point of view, the amount is usually so trivial that it hardly seems worth loosing sleep over.

    At least your not getting ripped off by EA.

  4. Unfortunately this happens more than I’d care to admit. I came across a game last summer and did the slow download only to realize a week later that it was a Patreon build. Did the right thing and alerted the developer to the address. So I googled your february update and its all over the place. You could alert those sites and ask them to pull it. Another issue is that I’m hearing of people being paid to obtain Patreon games to increase web traffic, etc. I’m not downloading the leaked build cuz I’ve always admired your work and it wouldn’t be fair to anyone. However, my income may increase in the near future and when that happens, I’ll be a Patreon.

  5. Don’t get mad because some boner-less Dick decided to jerk-off the fun. We all enjoy bonergames like this one, although the soundtrack could use some work than the generic jrpg music crap or miku’s shitty song. If only big companies decide to make official bonergames, maybe they could hire you to do some games that involves First Person Boners with Cumshots instead of overly played First Person Shooters with Headshots. Bonercast Jokes for Everyone!!

  6. Don’t let it get to you man. I highly doubt your patrons will care that much about the leak.

    That does make me curious though. What’s going to be the next release, and what’s new in it?

  7. I’d ask some hardcore fans to see if they are lawyer and get them to …… demolish the mirror sites. Im not going to be an ass and get mirror rips I’ll wait until you are ready in time. Beside using this time to check out other hentai artist works is much more pleasing.

    Btw do you think you can give publicity to the Monster island hentai ? That guy got some serious 3d work.

    1. I might have to, but not at the moment. It’s tax season and accountants are almost as expensive as lawyers. Considering how the gears of the legal system grind slowly but exceedingly fine, however, the wait might not matter in the long run.

      I’ve tried Monster Island and I couldn’t get it to work. I’ll try it again but I can’t really support a game I haven’t played.

    1. It’s unlikely, I banned the fraudsters well before I put out the new release. I find it a little hard to believe that a legit supporter would have sour grapes over that. I’m more liable to believe old-fashioned greed and/or free information idealists.

      1. Free information idealist? How does that work? The game’s already free!

        And yeah, new job, little free time and all that.

        What little time I have goes to video games, my one vice. So far, Blizzard and Idea Factory have my money.

  8. While I can’t support you financially (poor college student) I have been following your game for quite awhile, and I think I will avoid downloading what was intended to be a backers-only release. I don’t mind waiting for *official updates* that you do every few months.

    While I understand to a degree why someone might leak a backers-only build, I DON’T understand why whoever it was thought *NoMoshing won’t mind if a private release is made public, right?* Maybe you should do what the people who made Earthbound did… pirated copies got a VERY nasty surprise!

    1. Hahaha, I wish, but I’m not nearly that awesome at coding.

      Anyway, I’ve chosen to take some control back and release the February update to the public. Please download it with impunity.

  9. Damn, the fact that someone else gets profited through all your hard work is seriously pissing off, i mean really they have no right to do that, since YOU created this, YOU update this, YOU have been developing this for YEARS. YOU deserve all the credit, because to us YOU are fabulous developer. Dude have you found out who they were? or heck ban them? MAN, this is just insulting…

    1. I’ve taken steps to insure that is the game does get leaked in the future, at least I’ll know I have been paid. Thanks for your support, though. I’m glad that HC has some really awesome fans.

  10. For the record, I only have the February release because you chose to post it on the site-otherwise I would have had no idea it even existed. But I do feel that there is one thing I encountered during gameplay that probably is really just a minor thing, but…

    After completing the quests that give the materials for Kyrie’s second weapon upgrade and both of Yeon’s…you can’t upgrade them. Ino says there’s nothing she can use.

    I was going to mention Therese’s, but I actually forgot that the material was for her weapon and haven’t tried Kevin yet…

    In any case I’ve encountered this before in almost every previous version. I’m the same person who had Meline disappear from the Followers tab after Manor Invasion. Starting a new game fixed that issue…about 50% of the time. But the upgrade problem happens every time.

    Sorry if this isn’t the right way to report a potential bug, but it’s the only way I know.

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