Public Devstream Details + More!

Just a reminder that the public devstream is this Saturday, from 4-6pm EDT. I will be showing off some of the new assets from the team, I’ll be answering questions, showing how I work, and together we’ll be creating enemies for the various tournaments that the Hero will periodically be invited to! Note that you only need to register in order to participate in the chat, if you just want to watch you’re welcome to just watch.

Devstream is here!

Other than that, I’ve been sidetracked lately by tax season and I’m not as far along as I’d hoped. I should be able to catch up if I put my nose to the grindstone, though. For the next update, right now I’m looking at +1 quest, +1 harem girl, at least 4/5 tournaments (still deciding if I want to hold off on the last tourney for postgame content) and a bunch more chat dialogue and such. I’ve also been tweaking the mechanics a whole bunch, hopefully it’ll all work out.

Anyway, have a great week everyone, and I hope to see you all on Saturday!


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  1. Ah, I see… Good luck on your taxes NoMoshing, and please try to stay relaxed if you can since tax season can be so stressful.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how close are you to finishing this current iteration of the Harem Collector series? I mean, it just sounds like you have a clear ending in sight as well as how you should get there. Will there be enough time to max out everyone’s relationship bar to love/respect with the amount of days there are in the game once it’s finished?

    1. I feel as though I’m halfway finished. Which is unfortunate, I really don’t want to be working on this for another three years, but certain things are proceeding faster than others.
      There will be plenty of time to max out everyone’s relationship before endgame, provided you are diligent. In fact, I’m concerned that there will be too much time and I’ll have to draw out the relationship process more once I have a better idea of how many days will be between the beginning and the endgame. Even still, postgame you will be able to advance days freely, so finishing up your relationship quests will never become impossible.
      Thanks for your good wishes!

  2. Hello! Sorry for my bad English. I`m played HC and stuk in Kelos kamp. I`m take Kiry in party & kill all Kelos soldiers, but quest dosen`t end. What i`m must to do in empty kellos camp?

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