Harem Collector v0.29.6 is available!

Hey everyone! It’s time for the latest Harem Collector Public Release!

You can find it here!

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The 0.29 public release includes:

-The second half of ‘Cannibal Corps’ and Nerys’s love quest. Check out Eastfort and the elf village respectively to try them out!
-Two new collectables spread across the game, ‘Awiiabu’ toys that can be bought at Westcastle and CDs which you can buy both them and the CD players at Northmarket.
-Nerys’s on-demand, Day-end, Vacation, and Love Quest scenes are added, all drawn by SacB0y!
-A bunch of new status icons done by Kumiho!
-In battle, element icons will appear next to damage values to help make it clearer what type of damage is done
-A new ‘Battle Log’ option from the party action menu that lets you see everything that’s happened in the battle so far
-New shortcuts to help speed up battle, when selecting someone’s action hit ‘A’ for attack, ‘S’ to bring up a skill menu, and ‘D’ for guard. A new Help file has been included with the game to explain these and how to setup the Item menu shortcut.
-Both Heretical Censure and Beckon Mana have been revamped a bit. Heretical Censure no longer does MP damage but has a higher chance of inflicting Censure, Beckon Mana no longer inflicts Censure but makes the target weaker to all magical attacks instead.

14 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.29.6 is available!”

  1. Is there any way to bet the Guardian in the girls dorm room at the college? I’ve been stuck on him for quite a while so I was just curious.

    1. Well you will either have to wait for more days to be added so you can bring her love points up naturally, restart and make sure you plan ahead to get her early enough so that you can do it not, or restart in easy mode so you can get the time turner and give fuck all about time limits.

  2. pressing shortcuts without selecting a character (ie: immediately at start of combat) crashes the game with

    Script ‘scene_battle’ line 255: NoMethodError occured
    undefined method ‘added_skill_types’ for nil:NilClass

    1. Update to the 0.29.7 release and it’ll fix the issue on the party shortcuts. Though if you press it during the action time (when the players/enemies are attacking) it will still crash the game I’m sorry to say.

  3. Found a bug in cannibal corps. After finishing part 2 and receiving the reward I still have the quest in my incomplete list and in the description is ; Return to the Guild for your reward.

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