Update on Mind Control Situation

Hey everyone. The game dev gnomes are hard at work getting a testable version of the dungeon for “Blow Job” up and running- you may recognize that as being the quest that unlocks when you get Gargan up to “Trust” rating- so while that’s going on I figured I’d update you all on how the Mind Control content situation is going.

Last we left off, Patrons of Harem Collector’s development have decided to have the harshest mind control content removed from the game. Since then, the determination was that the replacement scene (more on that in a second) would be from the “Others” group- not a new harem girl, old harem girl, anything like that.

Now, after having a sober second look at the schedule, it looks like we’re only to be able to squeeze in an additional month of work, with the rest of the time saved going towards moving up Iron Waifu 2019 (whoever that ends up being) into a reasonable time frame.

I may post a third poll to do with what scene it should be in particular, but as of right now what I’m looking at is:

A Private Drink (featuring Shally)
Getting What You Wish For (featuring the Genie)
Not So Chaste After All (featuring Mitzi)
Poor Maid (featuring Evanie’s Maid)
Set Fire to the Rain (featuring the River Nymph)
Spreading the Space-Time Continuum (the schoolgirl + succubus orgy from “Sacrifices for Algernon”)
The Wolf Below Us (featuring the werewolf girl from All’s Were That Ends Were)

The question I have right now is, is it worth making another poll, or should I just dictate it?
Decisions, decisions.

Well, I’ve got to get back to the code mines, I’ll see you all again next week for the backer release and all!

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