Backer Release On The Way!

Sorry about missing last week’s update. I’ve been very busy with personal stuff as of late, and by the time Conash and I realized on Saturday that we totally forgot about last Wednesday’s blog post, I just had no energy to write something up and Conash was busy chasing down bugs with the testers.

But, we weren’t too busy to get out the backer release today! Huzzah!

This is going to be a pretty strange update, all things considered. I had predicted that the very newest quest, Shipping Disaster would wind up being enough work to equal two normal quests, and I was right. For those of you who are going to get a chance to try it this week- appearances can be deceiving, and even though the quest from the outset may look fairly straightforward, even boring, it has it’s twists and turns and is a pretty big deal. Conash and I predicted that it would be the same amount of work as one and a half or two normal quests, and now that it’s finally all wrapped up and beribboned and in the hands of backers, well, it feels like it took even more.

Seriously, this update is going to be kind of a big deal, I hope you’re all ready for it!

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