Harem Collector v0.38 Public Release!

Download it here: http://www.badkittygames.net/games/hc/

Changes in this version:
-A new quest in the Demon Cult questline, accessible by searching the Northmarket guild for clues after Dude, Where’s My Sword?
-A new quest in the Kellos Invasion questline, given by the man himself, Barst the Lion!
-A collection sidequest, given by a certain pair of merchants found wandering about the Middle Kingdom!
-New art for Larelle’s “A Taste of Death” sex scene!
-New art assets from Kumiho, including a new placeable piece of furniture available at the Tin Dog Tavern!
-Two new text-only sex scenes!   
-A lot of new dialogue for Larelle’s “Chat” menu! Almost everything is in there, so check it out!

5 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.38 Public Release!”

  1. Missing audio crashed the game. It’s for the kellos quest. The error said it was missing the eagle audio so the game just exited. (I already commented on this but it didn’t turn up so I sent this one as well just in case. Sorry in advance. Ignore this if you received the other one. Thank you)

  2. The Kellos quest seems to be bugged. After finishing it and leaving the eastfort condo, the soldier giving the quest is still there and I can start the quest again.

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