Hey everyone! Sorry for the late arrival this week! Everything to do with the new quest kind of fell apart at the last second, so Conash, SacB0y and I were cramming together the mini-release last minute. And even then, we just ran out of time. >.< Several parts of the new quest- dialogue and enemy behaviour to name two, ended up being more problematic than we expected and we dropped the ball. In the process of picking that ball up again, the blog post this week was... kind of... forgotten about. But here I am, working hard on a Friday night just so this way there can be *something* up, right? So Nekochan and I had a chat the other day concerning concept art, and we determined the next three characters who are going to get their CGs finished. The order (for now) is going to be: Alina (in progress) -> Silvayuco -> Yamamaya (including Yamamaya + Alina) -> Serade -> Evanie -> Chimei

The reason for this is that Serade, Evanie and Chimei are all due for minor character redesigns for one reason or another. Evanie still needs to be given custom assets. Serade needs to look more milf-y. I personally want to put some hints to Chimei’s background in her outfit- namely, giving her some kind of miko-ish to wear, so her special abilities seem a little less incongruent. And also because miko outfits are cute <3 So there you have it! You can also expect from this that the next two love quests are going to belong to Serade and Chimei... so there's that to look forward to, in time. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for your patience, and I'll see you all next Wednesday as usual!

Plans for v0.30

Wow, I’m sleepy today. But despite that, I’m here working hard for you guys. So let’s talk about what the goals are for next release!

Priority one at the moment is Alina’s Love Quest. I’m not going to spoil anything for you guys, but I think it’ll be a worthy LQ. Although, because of it I’ll probably end up with a massive flood of “Why can’t I fuck XXXXX?” emails in my inbox.

But, you guys knew that was coming already. Alina won the Iron Waifu tournament last May, after all.

Our next big project is the redesign and update of the Northmarket Manor. The plan is to have it be more compact and easier to navigate, making it much quicker to fine who you want to find and get back to questing ASAP. We’re also going to be implementing more decorations- as some of you ma have noted, you get an Adventurer’s Guild banner to hang in your office after becoming a Banneret, and we’re introducing more stuff like that for you to customize your home with.

While we’re focusing on the manor redesign in place of a second quest, it probably won’t take as much time as quest design. So, we’re tuning up a number of other things- Nerys’ chat responses, Alina’s chat responses, adding dialogue and things to do to the vacation sequence, adding more guests to Doralice’s party, that sort of thing.

And if everything goes greta and we’re all super-productive, maybe we’ll finally get around to finishing Blow Job.

As for everyone else, Conash will be working very closely with me on the new content, so he’s not likely to be doing anythiing else. Kumiho, as well, will be make some unique furniture assets for the new manor, and maybe grinding out some more icons. SacB0y is working on the sex scene for Alina’s love quest, and following that he’ll be revising Alina’s very first sex scene.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to it, but thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to sharing the new release with everyone!

Sex Scene Update!

Hey everyone!
By the end of this month, all of Nerys’ solo scene CG will be completed! I’m pretty excited about! I still don’t know when I’ll get around to adding in her Love Quest, but at the very least when I do we’ll have all the art assets needed for it.
Next up, of course, is Alina, the winner of this year’s Iron Waifu tournament. The number one priority with her CG would be her love quest, but we’ll also have finished at least one other CG set of hers by the time her Love Quest update is finished.
After that, I want to get a minor character out of the way, and I’ve settled on Lady Silvayuco, mainly because Nekochan has already concept art of her and we could probably squeeze out her small (future) sex scene through in a month. By the time all that’s done, it’ll be high time to get a party member out of the way and I’ve settled on Yamamaya for that role, because there’s been some ambiguities in her character design for a long time now that I’d like the get settled, particularly with regard to her dress and her skin tone.
As for things like group sex scenes, I’m going to be scheduling those when all the girls in that particular scene have already finished their solo stuff. For example, the “Bullying Alina” threesome with Yamamaya would happen after Yamamaya’s scenes are all redone.
So what does this mean? Well, barring any interruptions (or a significant increase in funding), expect the CG schedule to go something like this:

July 2017- Nerys’ Love Quest scene
August 2017- Alina Love Quest scene
September 2017- Claiming your Property
October 2017- Salty Dessert + Nerys Wallpaper public release
November 2017- Alina a la Carte + Alina Vacation
December 2017- All Lady Silvayuco stuff
January 2018- Mating Season
February 2018- That’s Strong Catnip
March 2018- When You’re Not the Victor… + Alina Wallpaper public release
April 2018- Yamamaya a la Carte + Yamamaya Vacation
May 2018- Bullying Alina

I fully expect that at some point, I’ll be able to kick things up a notch and make all this happen faster, but I don’t like planning around things that *might* happen. If I can speed things up, hey, bonus.
Of course, if you’d like to help out to make all this happen more quickly, please consider supporting Bad Kitty Games on Patreon. And if you’d like to keep track of everything with monthly updates, please check out the H-Scene Progress thread on the the Bad Kitty Games forum.
That it for now! Thanks again for following the progress of Harem Collector, and happy fapping!

Four Years In

So, yesterday was the fourth anniversary of Harem Collector’s first public release, only a couple days after Nekochan had a curious peek at what I was doing in RPG Maker and encouraged me to share it with the world. It’s been quite a trip, and a lot has changed over the years. And now, the end is coming into sight. If all goes according to plan, we’re going to do v1.0 by December 2018, though certain assets like HCG and music will lag for some time after.

The general plan is to finish up the five general plotlines by late spring 2018, before diving into doing the endgame and character-specific quests. It’s a lot of work, but I think we’ve finally got a core team that can handle it. While GusBus, Peasea, and company are finishing up the art and music, Nekochan and I will be doing pre-production for… whatever comes next. HC2 is a strong contender, but I’m full of ideas and might take some time to do a smaller, less grandiose project.

In the short-term, right now Conash and I are focused on fixing up the interface a little more. The contractor budget is going towards status effect icons, which should be a lot more communicative. Once that’s done, the next contractor priority is going to be HCG. I really don’t like having placeholder sex scenes, and once the current handful are gone, I want them to be gone for good. New harem girls will be available when we can get their first scene fully CG’d, but that’s the only thing preventing their inclusion. Other than the “trophy” harem girls that will unlock upon completing the relevant story arc, of course.

That’s it for now, really. Thank for everyone who has supported us so far! I look forward to giving you more and even better harem collecting goodness in the years to come!

Details for the December 24th Funstream!

Alright, details are as follows:

The Time: 3-6pm EST
The Game:
The Server: Biggest, Blackest Dick
The Game: NoMoshing’s Game
The Password: Porn4Xmas

If you are just spectating, PLEASE watch via the Picarto chat room as Pretend You’re Xyzzy only allows up toe 20 spectators:
And of course, we’ll also be chatting on Discord voice chat:

BBBen, the creator of the Pervert Action series, will be showing up at 5 to play a few hands, and Reepyr, the creator of The Adventures of Tara, might also pop by if he can get away from the fam.

Plans for January

I hope everyone’s having a good holiday. A very special thank you for those who sent me gifts- that was a very nice surprise!

Anyway, it looks like all my diagnostic appointments will be done by late January. Once that’s out of the way, I’ll update you on the whole health situation and how I will adapt going forward. Hopefully it’s all good news. I’ll be done with the sleep specialist as of the end of today, so hopefully that’s all it takes.

Until this is all done, though, I’m going to take it easy. I will spend the next month focusing on dialogue and bug fixes. I’ve been neglecting bug reports somewhat lately and have a lot to catch up on, plus there’s a lot of new dialogue to write. I also have a few ideas to punch up the “chat” feature I’ll be implementing. No new quests, but if I make a significant amount of new content then I’ll provide another update for January.

As for Diadira: She’s currently stalled out on art assets. I don’t really want to add yet another empty sex scene that lacks art, and I also don’t want to add another character who has a different skin tone from her face set. Once that’s all caught up though, she’ll become priority number one.

Anyway, that’s it. Have a great rest of the holidays and I’ll talk to you again in the new year!