Tits or GTFO

Some of you who received the Backer’s Release last week might have noticed that there was something fairly significant missing from the end of Hell to Pay. I was hoping that Hilent would only be a couple days behind the release with Bell’s first sex scene artwork, but unfortunately due to some moving-related snafus he has been significantly slowed down, although the maid piece is already finished and all that’s left are some colouring on the variations.

Otherwise, things are going well, well enough that I decided to take “release date interlude week” as a sort of staycation. I’m attending to work here and there, but mostly chilling out, catching up on housework, painting minis, and catching up on some personal projects I’m behind on.

I’m also taking some time to contemplate exactly what a post-demon-cult-and-kellos -invasion Harem Collector might look like. With the final quest of the Demon Cult questline wrapped up and the last two quests for Kellos Invasion getting tied up in v0.42, that leaves us with only a couple more Harem Drama loose ends, then Ancient Mysteries and Save the Elves to do, then the endgame.

We’re getting close, ladies and gentlemen. I can feel it.

So expect new character designs for Hanelore and Meiriona very soon, as well as the final shopgirl who will be able to set up in the Elf Village. And there, on the horizon, the mysterious 15th party member….

Thank you again for all the support you’ve given to get us to thing this point!

Some Good News, Finally

So, something good happened to me this past weekend.

A relative of mine sent me a cheque, for a large but not huge amount of money (I know this is super relative- it’s more than I make in a month but less than I make in a year, let me put it that way). Apparently, they sold some property that used to belong to my father, and felt I deserved to get a piece.

Now, of course, I did some dumb and not-so-dumb stuff with a bit of the money, as anyone would when they receive an unexpected windfall. Getting some work done on the house, bought a copy of Kirby Super Star for my retro game collecton, that sort of thing.

But I can’t with a clear conscience enjoy this windfall without contributing to the same project that you all are- that is, Harem Collector, and Bad Kitty Games in general.

Those of you who follow me when I stream will know that I’ve been having more and more frequent hardware problems. Abyss, my PC, and Meido, my laptop, have both been having more and more frequent issues. I’ve been reluctant to switch to new hardware up to this point, as doing so would require me siphoning out of the (already plenty disrupted) art budget. I was waiting for something in the formula to change- either the Patreon gets a big hike, or I save up enough bellmarks and Tim Hortons coupons, or Abyss finally becomes irrepairable and I have to do *something*.

Well, something happened- I got this windfall. So, without having to take any money from my awesome backers or HC development at all, I can replace at least my work PC and, if I can, also the lappy.

Also, I’m looking to accelerate some of my own art. It’ll depend on what costs how much and how everything shakes out, but there are a few sex scenes which I’d like to have finished that aren’t connected to any particular character but would be pretty pricey to have done, so it’s a hard thing to justify when there are so many main cast harem girls who are lacking in art.

So just thought I’d share what’s going on. Hopefully this doesn’t inspire anyone to leave- I’m not suddenly rich or something- I just wanted to share my good fortune and what this means for Bad Kitty Games.

Hope you’re enjoying Iron Waifu, and I’ll see you all later!

Website Done, What Next?

Ah, so the website is finally finished and out there, and the old website safely packed away where it can do longer hurt anyone. And, as a bonus, there were no problems or bugs in how the site was put together- well, I suppose I should say, at least none that came back to me. I hope this new site will last us for many years.

Redesigning the website has been a major time sink for me in the last month and a half. While standalone WordPress is pretty easy to use, there was terminology to learn, visual deisgn to mull over, plugins to negotiate into cooperating. The last time I put together my own website, it was on Angelfire of all fucking things, so there was quite a bit to learn for myself, and I am also old enough that a lot of software isn’t intuitive for me anymore.

So, now that the new website isn’t taking up so much of my time, what’s next?

A high priority right now is working more on ILTSDK!! There is lots of writing to do, characters to make, mechanics to plan. While Harem Collector is the focus of my attention, I want to make good progress on ILTSDK so that when it comes time for primary production, the team and I can put in our full effort and work efficiently. The way that Harem Collector has gone, with me making things up as I go, hasn’t been the best and I’d like to do better.

The other thing I want to do is investigate how best to market Harem Collector and offer great incentives for existing backers to switch to higher tiers, without increasing the prices for the tiers that currently exist. I want to be able to afford a good composer to make more proprietary music for the game, I want to be able to get an animator for doing new battle animations and make all the special skills and spells really pop. I also want more and faster sex scene art. And, well, if I’m being honest, I’ve been feeling the pinch more and more at home and making a little more money for myself would be nice.

To that end, I’m going to be doing some more formal polls a bit later this month, but please let me know your own thoughts in the comments. If you’re a backer, let me know what sort of rewards you would find valuable, and don’t be afraid to show me ideas from other projects you support. If you’re not a backer, let me know what I could offer that might stoke your interest. Or just tell me that I’m a sell out or saint, or whatever else, I suppose.

Next week is the public release of v0.39, so please look forward to it!

Hello, 2019!

So it’s the start of a new year, and everyone is hopeful and making resolutions, setting goals for themselves to achieve before 2020. Here at Bad Kitty Games, we’re also looking at 2019 with excitement, because there are a number of big changes coming our way.

First of all, Harem Collector.

Looking back, 2018 was a big year for Harem Collector. We completed ten new quests, which account for more than 20% of the quests currently in the game. We added two new harem girls, the fallen noble Natya and the clockwork robot Pandora. We also added a whopping sixty-seven new 2D CG images, including all the solo scenes for Yamamaya and Orange Kid. That might seem a little slow, but keep in mind that includes doing a bunch of minor sex scene images and the introduction scenes for Natya and Pandora.

We’re going to continue to push on new quests, and have solid plans to end the Demon Cult arc by summer. Our hope is also to end another arc (probably Kellos Invasion, for various reasons) by the end of the year, but obviously we have to remain flexible and might have to adapt as we go. We’d also like to get 3-4 new harem girls added to the harem before the end of the year- the last two shopgirls, and the reward girls for finishing Demon Cult and whatever other questline.

We will continue barrelling along with the new 2D CG, and, in addition to Larelle (who is currently in progress) and Therese (who is coming up), we will be doing a full set of CGs for the next Iron Waifu contestant and another character or two by years’ end.

We’ve also finally formally announced our next project, I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!

That is currently in pre-production. Nekochan will be doing character designs, NoMoshing and Conash will be getting the engine and mechanics figured out, and plans will be put in place for a more efficient and organized development.

We will be doing updates every month, starting next week, with updates on the development of ILTSDK. So, if you’re kind of confused right now about what ILTSDK, we’ll be discussing the project in much more detail next Wednesday.

So, all in all, we’re feeling really good about the upcoming year and challenges, and we hope to continue to deliver awesome hentai goodness to you in 2019 and beyond! Have a great new year!

Orange Kid, Pandora, Motivation

Aw, man, I’ve felt such a writer’s block over the last few days. Well, here goes.

Orange Kid’s solo stuff is coming along, with her Love Quest happening this month. Still at the concept stage at this point, but we should have it done for the backer mini-release, even if the art/sex scene comes a little bit later. Also on deck for this month is the Orange Kid wallpaper… which also means that Alina’s wallpaper if going to become publicly available! So, look forward to that!

The following month will be the intro scene for Pandora, so unlocking the Southport manor and getting everything placed within it will be a significant chunk of content for the next release, though it’s a secondary priority to Orange Kid’s LQ.

Following that… We’re going to try to move into the next leg of the “Harem Drama” plotline, and it should be a doozy. Both in terms of work and in entertainment value.

I’ve felt really motivated lately to get work done on HC, and ironically enough it came in the form of someone being critical of the game. Someone somewhere said, “this game is dead, don’t fund it, it’s a failure”, and I was able to successfully transmute the resulting outrage into energy that I poured into Harem Collector. This isn’t an invitation for additional abuse, by the way- I’m more just commenting on the funny way things work sometimes.

By the way, thank you very much to all our supporters on Patreon. July 2018 was our strongest month ever, and because of that I can get an additional image done this month and can serious look at doing seven images a month permanently. Your continued support and patronage is very appreciated, and I hope you’ll continue enjoying the benefits as we go forward!

Iron Waifu Week 1 Commentary and Art Stuff

So Iron Waifu is off for another exciting year! Already there has been one solid upset- Princess Quinta, the biggest loser of Iron Waifu 2016, has finally gotten a victory in over Violet, not bad for the first match-up of the month!

I won’t comment on today’s match because I don’t want to put my thumb on the scales, but I like Princess Quinta and I’m looking forward to doing more for her… as always, these things take time. Later matches this week include Kyrie vs Serade (tomorrow), Elaiya vs Gargan (Friday), and Evanie vs Yeon (Saturday).

As for other news, I’ve decided to release publicly the wallpapers SacB0y did of Nerys, which you can find here. Every harem girl is going to get a wallpaper set going forward, and while the two most recent wallpaper sets will remain backer-only, the rest will eventually be released for the public. Expect Alina’s wallpapers in a month or two when the backers receive Orange Kid’s set!

Speaking of SacB0y, June will be the last month for Yamamaya artwork (for now). As I said, next up is Orange Kid, who should be done just in time to start the Iron Waifu update this fall. After the Iron Waifu’s solo and applicable group sex scenes are in the can, then it’ll be starting on Therese and… oh boy.

Therese will be a nice meaty chunk of art to do. Not only are there her existing 3D CGs that will be getting new art, but also a “mind controlled” version of her opening scene and sex on-demand stuff, not to mention a “random nightly” scene for each version of Therese… That’s six months of work at our current rate, provided that there isn’t a demand to have SacB0y do his own version of “A Knight to Remember”. Whew! Hopefully we’ll get up there and be able to afford a faster pace by then!

Anyway, have fun voting on Iron Waifu and such, and I’ll see you again next week!

Extreme Makeover, Manor Edition

So, this month we’re working on the manor revision, as well as setting up a few things in preparation for the relationship system overhaul that is currently planned for v0.31.

The manor revision is pretty basic- chances are, if you’ve been following along games made by amateurs in RPG Maker before you’ve seen something like this before. We’re tightening up how the manor is laid out, reducing the total number of maps, and making things much more compact. It should be easier to move around and involve fewer screen transitions to get where you need to go. Further, the maps will be smaller in general- no more running through that massive, empty front hall.

Finally, we’re adding a Kamidori-like furniture system. You’ll be able to buy new furniture, rearrange things, and make the layout of your manor however you like. All rooms will have a type- for example, the Chapel will still be the Chapel- but what you put in those rooms will be up to you. Right now, we’re setting it up so that you can place things like trophies, banners and that sort of thing, but eventually you’ll have a wide array of options so you can decorate to your heart’s content.

There are two reasons why we’re going to all this trouble. One is to make it so that the various player housing is yours, and you can customize it to your heart’s content. Want a massive trophy wall in your bar? Sure. Want to wave your middle finger at the Angels by setting up your chapel for Elven Spirit worship? Go ahead, fuck ’em. We’re also going to tie some functions into the various furnitures- such as making you purchase a wooden horse, a whipping post and a fucking machine separately for the dungeon, for example.

The other reason has to do with the relationship system overhaul, like I mentioned. As I’ve said elsewhere, the new relationship system will be mainly passive. The idea is that every harem girl will have separate happiness and relationship score trackers, with the relationship score ticking upwards based on how generally happy your harem girl is. While gifts can provide a temporary boost to that happiness, more importantly will be caring for your harem girl’s wants, tastes and needs. This has the added benefit of reducing the amount of “chores” you’ll need to do- since gifting will be less important, you can focus on actually playing the game rather than delivering 20+ presents to various harem girls.

All your manors, except for some that will have already been occupied, will start with low-tier furniture, and you’ll be able to buy new stuff and work your way up. Keep in mind that just because something is pricier doesn’t mean that it’s going to be better- certain girls are going to want to be in the lap of luxury, but others prefer a simpler lifestyle. Don’t worry, the happiness changes your furniture placement will affect will be spelled out for you, so there won’t be a lot of guesswork.

Anyway, that’s a lot of stuff to do! So, I’m out of here for now. Thanks for following the blog, and like always, happy fapping!


Hey everyone! Sorry for the late arrival this week! Everything to do with the new quest kind of fell apart at the last second, so Conash, SacB0y and I were cramming together the mini-release last minute. And even then, we just ran out of time. >.< Several parts of the new quest- dialogue and enemy behaviour to name two, ended up being more problematic than we expected and we dropped the ball. In the process of picking that ball up again, the blog post this week was... kind of... forgotten about. But here I am, working hard on a Friday night just so this way there can be *something* up, right? So Nekochan and I had a chat the other day concerning concept art, and we determined the next three characters who are going to get their CGs finished. The order (for now) is going to be: Alina (in progress) -> Silvayuco -> Yamamaya (including Yamamaya + Alina) -> Serade -> Evanie -> Chimei

The reason for this is that Serade, Evanie and Chimei are all due for minor character redesigns for one reason or another. Evanie still needs to be given custom assets. Serade needs to look more milf-y. I personally want to put some hints to Chimei’s background in her outfit- namely, giving her some kind of miko-ish to wear, so her special abilities seem a little less incongruent. And also because miko outfits are cute <3 So there you have it! You can also expect from this that the next two love quests are going to belong to Serade and Chimei... so there's that to look forward to, in time. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for your patience, and I'll see you all next Wednesday as usual!

Plans for v0.30

Wow, I’m sleepy today. But despite that, I’m here working hard for you guys. So let’s talk about what the goals are for next release!

Priority one at the moment is Alina’s Love Quest. I’m not going to spoil anything for you guys, but I think it’ll be a worthy LQ. Although, because of it I’ll probably end up with a massive flood of “Why can’t I fuck XXXXX?” emails in my inbox.

But, you guys knew that was coming already. Alina won the Iron Waifu tournament last May, after all.

Our next big project is the redesign and update of the Northmarket Manor. The plan is to have it be more compact and easier to navigate, making it much quicker to fine who you want to find and get back to questing ASAP. We’re also going to be implementing more decorations- as some of you ma have noted, you get an Adventurer’s Guild banner to hang in your office after becoming a Banneret, and we’re introducing more stuff like that for you to customize your home with.

While we’re focusing on the manor redesign in place of a second quest, it probably won’t take as much time as quest design. So, we’re tuning up a number of other things- Nerys’ chat responses, Alina’s chat responses, adding dialogue and things to do to the vacation sequence, adding more guests to Doralice’s party, that sort of thing.

And if everything goes greta and we’re all super-productive, maybe we’ll finally get around to finishing Blow Job.

As for everyone else, Conash will be working very closely with me on the new content, so he’s not likely to be doing anythiing else. Kumiho, as well, will be make some unique furniture assets for the new manor, and maybe grinding out some more icons. SacB0y is working on the sex scene for Alina’s love quest, and following that he’ll be revising Alina’s very first sex scene.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to it, but thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to sharing the new release with everyone!

Sex Scene Update!

Hey everyone!
By the end of this month, all of Nerys’ solo scene CG will be completed! I’m pretty excited about! I still don’t know when I’ll get around to adding in her Love Quest, but at the very least when I do we’ll have all the art assets needed for it.
Next up, of course, is Alina, the winner of this year’s Iron Waifu tournament. The number one priority with her CG would be her love quest, but we’ll also have finished at least one other CG set of hers by the time her Love Quest update is finished.
After that, I want to get a minor character out of the way, and I’ve settled on Lady Silvayuco, mainly because Nekochan has already concept art of her and we could probably squeeze out her small (future) sex scene through in a month. By the time all that’s done, it’ll be high time to get a party member out of the way and I’ve settled on Yamamaya for that role, because there’s been some ambiguities in her character design for a long time now that I’d like the get settled, particularly with regard to her dress and her skin tone.
As for things like group sex scenes, I’m going to be scheduling those when all the girls in that particular scene have already finished their solo stuff. For example, the “Bullying Alina” threesome with Yamamaya would happen after Yamamaya’s scenes are all redone.
So what does this mean? Well, barring any interruptions (or a significant increase in funding), expect the CG schedule to go something like this:

July 2017- Nerys’ Love Quest scene
August 2017- Alina Love Quest scene
September 2017- Claiming your Property
October 2017- Salty Dessert + Nerys Wallpaper public release
November 2017- Alina a la Carte + Alina Vacation
December 2017- All Lady Silvayuco stuff
January 2018- Mating Season
February 2018- That’s Strong Catnip
March 2018- When You’re Not the Victor… + Alina Wallpaper public release
April 2018- Yamamaya a la Carte + Yamamaya Vacation
May 2018- Bullying Alina

I fully expect that at some point, I’ll be able to kick things up a notch and make all this happen faster, but I don’t like planning around things that *might* happen. If I can speed things up, hey, bonus.
Of course, if you’d like to help out to make all this happen more quickly, please consider supporting Bad Kitty Games on Patreon. And if you’d like to keep track of everything with monthly updates, please check out the H-Scene Progress thread on the the Bad Kitty Games forum.
That it for now! Thanks again for following the progress of Harem Collector, and happy fapping!