Orange Kid, Pandora, Motivation

Aw, man, I’ve felt such a writer’s block over the last few days. Well, here goes.

Orange Kid’s solo stuff is coming along, with her Love Quest happening this month. Still at the concept stage at this point, but we should have it done for the backer mini-release, even if the art/sex scene comes a little bit later. Also on deck for this month is the Orange Kid wallpaper… which also means that Alina’s wallpaper if going to become publicly available! So, look forward to that!

The following month will be the intro scene for Pandora, so unlocking the Southport manor and getting everything placed within it will be a significant chunk of content for the next release, though it’s a secondary priority to Orange Kid’s LQ.

Following that… We’re going to try to move into the next leg of the “Harem Drama” plotline, and it should be a doozy. Both in terms of work and in entertainment value.

I’ve felt really motivated lately to get work done on HC, and ironically enough it came in the form of someone being critical of the game. Someone somewhere said, “this game is dead, don’t fund it, it’s a failure”, and I was able to successfully transmute the resulting outrage into energy that I poured into Harem Collector. This isn’t an invitation for additional abuse, by the way- I’m more just commenting on the funny way things work sometimes.

By the way, thank you very much to all our supporters on Patreon. July 2018 was our strongest month ever, and because of that I can get an additional image done this month and can serious look at doing seven images a month permanently. Your continued support and patronage is very appreciated, and I hope you’ll continue enjoying the benefits as we go forward!

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  1. Sorry, nothing to do with this blogpost but I couldn’t figure where else I could post a bug report without having to register to anything.

    Playing on easy, though haven’t used any of the cheat items or opened the chest.

    Doll’s chat option is not working

    Loading from the save created before “Manor Invasion” leads to a black screen preventing any progress. Can completely break a game if no backup

    During “Night of the Raping Dead” can’t save in the overworld between parts 1 and 2.

    During “Stuck in the Middle With You” party banter triggered between Browyn and Elaiya. Browyn’s face already displayed the slave collar.

    Larelle’s code random scene trigger before she was enslaved, when she was still on the dungeon.

    I guess it is not a bug, but the art style of Hero, Alina and *specially* Diadira clash too much with the others.

  2. I’m so stupid for not realizing it earlier, but Apple Kid and Orange Kid are references to the two innovator kids with the exact nicknames in Earthbound. I don’t know how I didn’t see that before.

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