Harem Collector v0.56 CLIMAX is here!

Find it here!

Changes in this version:
-The next part of the end game questline is fully implemented! Speak to Brigandine in any player housing once you have her unlocked
-New party banters have been added
-New sprites have been implemented for several characters, notably Fiona the Gravedigger (in case you were wondering who the blue haired chick who acts like she knows you is)
-The Jonagold and Clementine threesome has been revised with new art

Thank you always for all your support, please enjoy!

Harem Collector v0.53.1 KRAKEN

Get the new version here

Changes in v0.53:
-New artworks and revised sex scenes for Gargan, Lilac, Violet, Bronwyn, and Penelope
-You can now “free roam” in furniture mode, picking up, moving and placing into your inventory furniture items. It’s also been streamlined and should be less resource intensive.
-Oodles of new sprites
-If a dialogue box pops up for any reason, and you have an alerted enemy chasing you, the enemy will freeze in place until all dialogue boxes are dismissed.
-The outfit changing system has been tightened up a little behind the scenes.
-Fixed over 100 bugs

Android Installation Instructions

For Android devices not running Android 11 or above

1. Install the free app ‘JoiPlay’ from the app store
2. Download the Harem Collector android release
3. Open the app and click on the ‘…’ in the upper right corner of the app
4. Choose ‘import’ and navigate to the Harem Collector android release downloaded in step 2
5. Enjoy!

For phones running Android 11 or above

1. Install the free app ‘JoiPlay’ from the app store
2. Download the Harem Collector android release
3. Use an app such as ‘RAR’ or another RAR extractor to extract the contents of the android release
4. Inside the JoiPlay app, choose ‘import rpa’ and navigate to the folder created in step 3
5. Finally, click ‘add’ and then select the exe file you find inside the folder from step 4
6. Enjoy!

NoMoshing Sabbatical

CW: Depression, suicide. Please skip to the heading “What Now?” if these things are a problem for you but you still want the gist.

When talking about my depression, I’ve found it useful to talk about it like a net, suspended across a river that represents your experiences. For most people, the net isn’t there, and so when things flow down the river, they’re temporary- dealt with and allowed to move on. But when you have depression, things get caught in the net. Sometimes they’re big things and it’s obvious when they get caught, and you know what you have to do is go and dredge that shit out of the river so your net stays clear. But there s a lot of things that seems small at first, innocuous, but eventually they build up. And by the time you notice they’re building up, by the time it becomes a problem, you struggle to keep up with clearing that net because you can only deal with one or two things at a time and, well, your net is already groaning under the strain. Eventually things are going to snap.

I’ve had things to deal with since the beginning of the pandemic that most of you can relate to, I’m sure. The worries about keeping safe and not getting sick, the frustration of yet another lockdown because your neighbours can’t seem to take the pandemic seriously, the death of family either due to COVID-19 itself or the neglect brought about by an overburdened medical system. I’ve been fortunate enough to be spared the financial difficulties many of you have been struggling with, but on the other hand, I wasn’t entering this situation with the best of mental health to begin with. One of the things that’s been on my mind recently is the suicide of my father, who I have now officially outlived as of this year. Add to that the ever growing spectre of climate grief and I have no shortage of subjects that keep me awake at night, thinking bleak thoughts and struggling to sleep.

Then on April 26th, following yet another missed deadline in a string of missed deadlines for HC, doing a job I have been dreaming of since childhood but that I increasingly struggle to accomplish, I received an alert from my password manager, indicating that someone was attempting to steal my identity. This pushed me over the edge, and in a frenzy I changed every password for every account, everywhere, that I own. When she came to check on me, I ended up saying things to Nekochan that hurt her and I deeply regret.

Following that debacle, I left home with the intent to end my life. All I wanted was for the frustration, anxiety, sadness and pain to go away.

Thankfully, for my sake, the place where I intended to kill myself was crowded with pandemic-irresponsible people enjoying the good weather. This gave me enough hesitation that Nekochan was able to call me and convince me to come home. When things had settled, we came to the obvious conclusion- that there is something very, deeply wrong with me and unfortunately, it’s getting worse.

What Now?

I am taking the month of May off entirely from work on Harem Collector, leaving Conash in charge of things at the company until my return. My intention is seek treatment for my mental health, not just to cope. I am approaching this situation from as many avenues as possible, exploring options with regard to therapy, psychiatry, anything in order to arrest my mental decline. Because of this, work on Harem Collector is by necessity stopped for the time being. I can’t even promise that I will resume in June because if I need more time, I am going to take it.

Fortunately for us all, I am not in Bad Kitty Games alone. Even as you read this, Conash, Nekochan, Hilent, Kumiho and Moomabelle are hard at work completing art assets for Harem Collector and laying the groundwork for I Live to Serve, Dungeon King!! While my writing and leadership is a necessary element of the chemistry that makes HC great, for now things are able to click on without by supervision. To that end, I am forgoing most of the Patreon “take” that I reserve for my own use in bonuses so that the team can manage things in my absence. Fortunately, Nekochan and I are well off enough that I can do this without creating undue financial hardship for us- remember to put money away in savings if you can, kids.

As to the end result of all this, I don’t know when I will be able to grind out a new Harem Collector release, but work is ongoing. If this turn of events causes you to end your patronage, I understand completely, and you can do so free in the knowledge that you’re not sending me falling into poverty as a result. While we will still be ending the Megafan merch program at the end of the month as intended, the rollout of the Bad Kitty Games store will be impacted as well

And with that, wish me luck. I sincerely hope that you are in better health than myself, and that in time I can return to work healthier and stronger than ever. Thank you, as always, for your time, support, and patience.


Harem Collector v0.50.3 RELIC Public Release

Get it here!

Changes in v0.50:
-The final Ancient Mysteries quest is in and mostly complete! Hit up the save point before accessing the temple portion if you’re super interested in lore tidbits but otherwise it’s completable!
-…Which means you can finally recruit Hanelore, who has new artwork and a completed face set!
-The Alina + Therese threesome in now in the game as a random sex scene and Kyrie now has a sex on demand menu!
-Meiriona also has a new face set, and several other new bits of artwork are in the game
-There has been a massive update of new sprites. Orcs, elves, Kellosians, and Middle Kingdom soldiers have all have a broad update of new sprites by Kumiho.
-Undead-themed dungeons have new dungeon music, as well as the Southport Docks.

Harem Collector v0.47.4 RETURN Update!

Get it here

What Happened to the SAVIOR Update?

Changes in v0.47 include:
-A new quest in the Save the Elves plotline, where you once again must uncover the mysteries of the late Count Corgan’s manor. Begin this quest by visiting Meiriona after completing the Dragon Graveyard.
-A number of new sex scenes with updated art, including Chimei’s picnic scene, Meline’s introduction scene, Meline’s footjob, and Meline and Larelle’s blowjob scene.
-New Sex a la Carte for Diadira and Yeon.
-New Vignette for Doll and Elaiya if you’ve heard all their currently existing banters.
-Chimei’s sprite has been updated.
-The “harem” chats can not be toggles between random and a menu in the options.
-A bunch of new harem chats for Bell, Ino, and Lilac at minimum.

Harem Collector v0.46 CHILL!

Get it here!

Changes in the CHILL update:
-New quest for the Save the Elves plotline. An orcish emissary has arrived in the elf village with news, you should probably check it out.
-Mod support has been implemented. There are probably a lot of kinks to sort out, but if you’re interested in diving right in and starting out with mods, please join us on our Discord server and hit up the relevant channel. More information on mod creation can be found on the forum and you can check out our favourite mods here!
-Vignettes have been implemented! You can new use the Satisfaction menu to witness scenes between your harem girls that Hero isn’t necessarily privy to. Right now there are four to experience: a shared drink between Alina and Therese, Larelle teasing Felix, Florine making an illicit sale, and Princess Quinta hosting a tea party.
-New sex scene art for a bunch of Doll’s sex scenes, Therese’s Sex a la Carte, and Evanie’s sex scene.
-New sprites for Meline, Florine, and Doll.
-New banters for Therese and… everyone, plus Felix x Bronwyn banters
-Bell, Therese, Alina, Quinta, Chimei, Lilac, Violet, Larelle, Eulania, Nerys, Yeon and Elaiya have expanded chat options.
-Temporary skills will now be highlighted purple in your skill menu for easy reference.
-The bug that made some enemy bosses invincible should be resolved. Not the Dorm Guardian though, you’re still out of luck there.

Harem Collector v0.45.5 HORTICULTURE Update

Get it here!

-Two new Love Quests, for Chimei and Doll, are now available if you have their affection at 100 or higher.
-New art for Apple Kid’s Sex a la Carte menu, Therese’s Dungeon sex scenes, and Doll’s Unwanted Blessings sex scene!
-One new sex scene for Doll’s Love Quest!
-Apple Kid, Evanie and the Northmarket cat have new sprite art.
-The new minimum amount of momentum during combat scales with your level, up to at least 15 momentum at level 45.
-Attack, Guard, and a few other physical skills now give more momentum
-Momentum gained from taking damage has been decreased to 80% the rate that it was before
-All magic will now give players momentum equal to 1/5th of the Mana they used for the magic
-Chimei and Nerys now have gain momentum at an increased rate to compensate for their lack of options
-Transfer Essence now gives the Momentum Regen Status instead of giving 10 momentum directly
-Stagger now decreases Momentum 10 per turn instead of 2 per turn
-Nausea now decreases your momentum generation rate by 50% while active
-Chimei’s Enervating Bolt will no longer give enemies hit momentum, and will deal momentum damage equal to 80% of their current momentum on top of the HP damage it does.
-Bronwyn’s arrow accessories will now be equipped to her off-hand instead of her accessory slot, and a new second type of arrows may be found somewhere in the world!

Bad Kitty Games and COVID-19


So as everyone who doesn’t live under a rock in the Yukon hinterlands is well aware, the world is undergoing a bit of a thing right now in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple countries are on total lockdown, people in general are advised to stand home and isolate themselves, and lots of people have uncertain employment. Nobody knows how long it’s going to be, estimates range from a few weeks up to a year. None of thise is really news for Harem Collector fans, I’m sure.

The first thing I want to get out is a clear message for backers: We get it. You might be looking at multiple weeks without shifts or being out of a job entirely. Or maybe you’re just feeling anxious and want to cut costs as a preventative measure. Our desire in situations like these is for all fans of Harem Collector to take care of themselves first and foremost. Please do not feel the need to apologize or feel bad for ending your pledge to the Bad Kitty Games Patreon campaign. We understand, please take care of yourselves.

If you desire to still help us out, however, please when you do end your pledge fill out an exit survey and specifically mention that you’re doing it because your financial situation has changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Canadian government is rolling out new financial protection for small businesses every day and that kind of data may be useful to us in the near future.

Second thing: We are still planning on releasing Harem Collector v0.45 to backers next week. It might not be right on time as, well, we all got our shit rocked with regard to stress and anxiety, but for now things are proceeding as planned. Future releases might change as the situation develops, however. We’re going to keep working, and there are currently no threats to our being able to stay open, but obviously the possibility of sudden deaths in the family and other such things to disrupt our workflow is as strong as ever. As always, stay tuned for more details.

Third thing: Please, now more than ever, take care of your mental health. Take it from someone who was once under house arrest for a year- maintaining this level of isolation us not easy. Sure, everyone’s joking about Pornhub and Xbox now, but that will change if the situation doesn’t resolve quickly. So please, if you haven’t already, join the Bad Kitty Games Discord. It’s a great part of the community, and there’s usually lots going on. Board games on TTS, streaming, speedrunning, and people just hanging out and exorcizing some of their anxiety about the situation. We’re all doing a lot to try and make sure everyone is supported and feels like they belong.

And that’s it for now. As always, we’re cooking up interesting stuff for HC fans to enjoy, and there are lots of exciting things to look forward to. So stay safe, stay healthy, stay sane, and hopefully I’ll see you all next week for the backer release!

Harem Collector v0.44- The BROS Update!

Find it here.
Sometimes, you gotta make time for the bros! This update contains Respect/Love quests for Gargan and Kevin, and new sex scenes for Princess Quinta, Raina and Apple Kid.

Changes in 44.0 include:

-Kevin’s Respect Quest is now  available for all of you who have put serious effort into getting  relationship points with some dude instead of all your harem girls.  Comes with an (optional) text-only sex scene and a powerful buff item as  a reward!
-Gargan’s Love Quest is also available! Rewards include  another text-only sex scene, some new passive abilities for Hero and  Gargan, and a powerful alt class for Gargan, too.
-A new bonus boss is now available in Westcastle as well as the greatest reward of all- a new cat for you to collect!
-A  new fully-artworked random sex scene for Princess Quinta as well as  partial (but with pics!) Sex a la Carte menus for Raina and Apple Kid.
-New sprite art including a new look for Raina and several new portraits that Quinta will paint for you.
-Bronwyn has received a few minor balance reworks, please check out her new skill!
-Multi-target resistance/weakness for Swarm-type enemies should now work properly.
-Assorted minor balance changes and bug fixes.