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So, the current build of Harem Collector. I’m racing towards towards the March 15th update, everything’s clicking along. Tonight, my focus has been the dungeon associated with the Smith quest, which has actually been a lot of fun. I love playing mind games with players, whether in video games or tabletop games, and there is a lot of that to be had.

My to do list is currently as follows:

-Finish the relationship track and gifting process for all the girls available. Right now, that means Elaiya, Yamamaya, the new character, Violet and Lilac. Penelope, Amelia, Alina and Florine are all done as of right now, except for the sidequest that caps off each relationship subplot. I’m putting that off because you can only give each girl one gift a day and, well, even the shortest relationship track will still take at least four “days” within the game.

-Finish the “A Forge Too Far” quest. That’s coming along really smoothly, actually, now that I’ve dealt with all the basic system stuff that needed finishing.

-Implement the blacksmith character. That won’t be nearly as difficult as some of the other systems I’ve finished in the past couple weeks, but I still expect it to eat a solid day of game work time.

-Start and finish the “Package to Thriex” quest. This is going to be a weird kind of funny side quest, but it’s not really priority right now.

-Edit all the dungeons so you can’t save in them. I’m doing this because I want to cut down on the possibility of people having “zombie games”, where they are literally just stuck. I think the dungeons themselves are small enough that you should be able to just one-shot them, and going through the dungeons actually takes planning and resource management.

-Implement Therese’s return. This is the first thing that’s probably going to be cut if I lack time.

What is done:

-All the farms in the Eroge region are now accessible and explorable. Right now they’re not very interesting, although future quests might take you to them.

-The Bitch’s Sixth Tit microbrewery investment actually works now.

-There are a number of new shops and such that you can choose to invest in.

-Each character now has new skills they learn at levels 4 and 7.

-The item shop upgrades, personal skill upgrades, and most of instant gratification menu in the satisfaction book actually do stuff now. Most of it involves context-sensitive menus that take a really long time to program- it took me three days just to fill out all the possibilities for the skill upgrades alone.

-A bunch of little fixes and stuff. You can’t access the Abandoned Fort after recruiting Elaiya. You can’t leave immediately around Eroge during the introductory quest. When you awaken Amelia’s true power, you can’t access the menu until the end of the event, etc.

I’m really amazed at the response to the February release, and I hope people enjoy the new stuff to come!

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