March Release Possibly Delayed

Hey there, friends and neighbors. Unfortunately it looks like the March release might be delayed a few days, from this Friday to the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Due to various reasons, I straight up lost the ability to work on the project for the last four days, and I very much want to release more new content than just the finished blacksmith quest. A lot of this depends on what happens over the next couple days in terms of progress. I have other priorities right now (important stuff, I promise) that are competing for my attention, so the only time I really have to sit down and plow through content is on my days off from work- Monday and Tuesday.

In the long term, though, I intend for the middle of the month to be a hard deadline for me, putting out a new release on the fifteenth (or whatever schedule ends up working out). I prefer to work under that kind of deadline, plus it’s good for you guys too.

I’ll post again in a couple days to let you know on the status of the release, and when you can expect it.

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