Game Balance By Any Other Name

So, after extensive testing, I think I’ve figured out what’s going on with all the balance issue complaints.And by extensive testing I mean extensive– a week of playing and replaying the game, attempting events in different orders and testing different configurations of characters, items and skills.

After so long testing, what I discovered is that it’s not the game itself that is broken. Rather, the game gets significantly harder depending on how many party members you have when attempting various quests. The Night of the Raping Dead is meant to completed with four party members, going through Elvo’s manor all but requires three, and clearing the orc encampment is either challenging or insanely difficult depending on whether the hero attempts to solo it.

So how did I solve it? Well, the July release will feature a new character who gets forced into your party at some point. This new character won’t have a lot of dialogue and such yet, but will eventually be a fully-fleshed-out member of the cast. I’m actually looking forward to writing for this character- it’s very much a horse of a different colour compared to the other cast members and should provide an interesting new perspective.

Again, for many reasons this will be a smaller update, but at least there will lots of new CGs. I’ve enlisted helpful fan Gurotaku to help we with making the CGs because I kind of suck at it. He has made some new CGs for the release, as well as re-made some of the older CGs that were kind of lame.

If you’re a donor, you will be receiving a new version of Harem Collector sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.

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