Harem Collector September 2013 Public Release!

4Shared Link: http://www.4shared.com/file/_NJi7qBu/HaremCollector_September2013_p.html
MEGA Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!nZ5BBQRC
MEGA Encryption Key: Eci8wyKuyDTUPnbfZizy-XOvobZaje4Ov1r3UCTtKnc

What’s New in this Version: 

-Penelope’s love quest is now available.
-There is now a randomly generated quest that refreshes daily.
-There is a whole pile of additional CGs. Happy hunting!
-The entire relationship system has been overhauled.
-The various flower gift items have been consolidated under a single item. Two new gift items take the place of Moondrops and Pink Cat.
-The Flower Girl now sells two new reagent-type items in place of the eliminated flowers.
-The Northmarket toy store now has useful things for you to buy.
-There is now awesome boss music.
-Favoured gifts now grant +3 relationship point instead of +2.
-The “random” sex scenes that occur after some quests now include a relationship bonus for all participants.
-Doll’s “Defender of Life” skill now utilizes threat rating rather than a cover mechanic. In a similar vein, Martyrdom’s threat increase has been greatly reduced in order to promote granularity.
-General clothing now decreases threat by an additional 5%.
-Demon Dice now have a damage bonus dependent on the user’s luck stat.
-The ledger detailing your investments in the manor study can now sort your investments alphabetically, by dividend or by investment.
-Doll has a new sprite and face
-Larelle’s eye colour has been corrected in all her pics.
-Penelope’s face sprites should look a little less like they were resized by a thirteen year old.
-Double doors in the game should now look like proper double doors.
-The very beginning of the game now has two extra randomly-generated names and an extra hidden bonus name.
New Stuff Even If you Are a Backer:
-Improved encourage now heals a number of status ailments instead of raising the dead.

-Florine’s new art has been implemented.

24 Replies to “Harem Collector September 2013 Public Release!”

  1. I’m not sure if it’s a bug but only 2 items ever appear in the flower girl’s inventory. Worse, it’s random, so at any time, you might not be able to buy what you need, like the flower gift item which 2 girls need.

    Stepping into water damages everyone in the party, this happens in farms and Elvo’s basement.

    I usually stop when I see a love quest not implemented message, but I can never get to the end of Alina or Larelle’s relationship path. Also, after the love quest, you can keep giving Penelope gifts, and she accepts, but I’m not sure if it unlocks further events or not. Can we have a message there?

    Finally, all the love quests are tedious. There’s not enough ways to advance the time to be able to do them all unless you use the timeturner.

    1. You can also buy the Lovely Flowers at the gift shop, but the flower girl sell them cheaper.

      I’ll look into the water thing. Thought that got fixed already,

      The relationship tracks are now on a 100-point scale, and it takes twenty points to move between levels. Also, I thought it was a bad idea to have Penelope suddenly refusing your gifts after she falls all the way in love with you, which is why she still accepts them.

      The relationship stuff is meant to take place over the course of the entire game, so of course right now it’s tedious. They’re designed with the finished game in mind.

  2. Please help I have been whipping Therese for at least 20 times. (using time turner btw) and she still isn’t submitting, do I need 100 submission for her to join my party, I don’t wanna use the collar. Also I think there is a bug that doesn’t let me upgrade my personal skills past improved assault and the lv 1 unity

    1. I was talking about the first(?) scene proced by relationship gain, which means I have another scene to go find… feel like giving me a hint?

      As for the faceless guys, assuming your not being mysterious and pulling our leg(which I would find funny), I found one in the undead woods during the zombie quest. If you leave the lumberjacks camp through the east exit and hug the northern tree line you’ll see him across the trees where the middle crystal ball is. He walks down into your view and then stands there, but you can only see him from that spot. When he shows up in my game it also blasts static drowning out every other sound. You can also see him in the mountain zone at the very top just before you go east to the bridge. Hug the north edge and he’ll appear across the way on one of the sections you can’t get to, again you can only see him in that spot and it blasts static.

    2. Static? Are you sure that nothing’s wrong with your computer?

      Anyway, with Yamamaya’s other scene… this is a really obscure hint but it’s fulfilling a request that someone made concerning Yamamaya when she first debuted.

  3. Hi Noah. Sorry to disturb you but I have a little question. Do you intend to add in the harem others monsters girls like Yamamaya? Dryad, harpy, lamia…
    Thanks in advance for your answer and obviously thanks for this wonderful update!

  4. At the moment thier appears to be a bug where if you go through the shopkeep area for your manor you can take the carriage(horse) to eastfort. also i put it on the wiki if u want me too take it off let me know its under that quest

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