Odds and Ends

Okay, first things first- in order to help the Harem Collector Wiki get off it’s feet, I’m doing a special offer where top wiki contributors will receive a code for a unique item in the October release. Which is on October 16th for backers and October 23rd for the public, btw. So get contributing- don’t matter if it’s strategy, lore, or even delicious slices of trivia. Go for it!
Next up: I’m cutting some features from Harem Collector. It’s nothing that anyone will shed tears over. First of all, I’m isolating the code for the party chat function and not mentioning it elsewhere in the game, so it might be back, at some point, maybe. That would have been a great feature for a game with a smaller, more intimate cast, but I think it’s not worth the work it would take to implement at this point.
The second thing getting cut are the secondary weapons. They were a poorly thought-out addition to begin with, and are getting the axe without regrets.
Next up: I realize now that making incest with Meline was a very bold move that doesn’t sit well with many fans of the game. Considering that enslaving Meline will be required for the ending, I’m currently planning a no-incest mode, activated during the black screen beginning segment, which will change some of the game’s dialogue so that the Hero was adopted by Meline’s family as a child, as well as changing the Hero’s sprite and faces so as to imply he’s not directly related to Meline. The canon version of the game, however, will have the incest.
Finally, enjoy some fanart courtesy of Boinky, who also contributed the new game title screen you’ll see in the next update!

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  1. Phew, I scared myself to death when I read the part about the incest. I thought you were cutting that out altogether as well, but was happily surprised to see what you came up with. Smart thinking

  2. So, what if you’ve contributed to the wiki in the past, but did it anonymously? There’s no real way to prove that you added anything even though there is an ip address for the anonymous entires. Anyone could say, “Oh, I put those comments on.”

    1. You can’t contribute anonymously… if you don’t log in and submit a change then the wiki displays your IP to the public, which is more revealing personal information that if you had logged in…. well, unless you did something crazy and made an account with your real name.
      So don’t do that, make an account with a pseudonym and enjoy greater anonymity.

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