November 2013 Public Release

 First of all, a couple important pieces of news:
One, the donation button has climbed the sidebar. This is because as of very recently, I’m established a game company (Bad Kitty Games Co.) and decided to start doing this as part of my living. I am going to start using donations as part of my income, and the more money you donate the more time I’ll be able to spend working on Harem Collector and less time working a job that my mother approves of.
I don’t intend to hold the game hostage for your donations or anything like that- work will proceed on Harem Collector regardless because I have a lot of fun making it. But your money will give me more time to devote to making the game bigger and better, and enable me to send gifts to some of the volunteers who have made HC so awesome.
As always, donors get the newest version of the game one weeks earlier than everyone else, plus Nekochan’s exclusive Harem Collector Player’s Guide, plus an optional credit in the game, plus the inside track on everything else going on at Bad Kitty Games.
Two, I’ve received a couple emails asking whether I’m going to put up an Amazon Wishlist  or somesuch so interested individuals could send me Christmas presents. While I appreciate the thought, I’m not going to do that. What I really would love as a holiday gift would be a TV Tropes page for Harem Collector and those are free. If you absolutely want to spend money on me, just donate it.
Three, early in the new year we’ll be launching the official Bad Kitty Games website, which will serve as a hub for all things Harem Collector, Dungeon Assault and BKG-related. To coincide with that, Magic White Lady will be doing the first release of Harem Collector: Fairy Side, a sister game to Harem Collector involving a whole bunch of gender-bending and futanari that you have asked for and will soon receive. Contact MagicWhiteLady for more information.
Finally, the changes:
-There is now a gallery mode where you can unlock all your various sex scenes across all playthroughs!
-All characters now join the party at one level below the Hero.
-Florine’s item shops now have an option to sell all vendor trash.
-The inventory screen is now broken down by category.
-Alina no longer keeps track of quests for you- there is a quest log available in the game menu to do that for you.
-New sex scene CGs for Elaiya, Doll, Lilac and Violet, plus you can down demand sex from Alina at any time.
-Meline’s skill Heretical Censure has been modified to prevent overlap with the Guilt Trip-style prayers.
-The Northmarket Wealthy District map has been revamped. Let me know what you think!

Edit: Even newer version with less annoying!

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  1. Hiho! Nice to see the new Version! Just started playing it. The new map of the Wealthy District is really nice! Well done!!! However i notice 3 things so fare…
    1. If you leave the smithy (at your Mansion) you come back to the old map
    2. If you enter the Wealth District you get on the wrong map (from where you can port to the right one with your “bug teleporters” 😉
    3. And finaly… …Where is the Harem Button in the menu??? Can find / see him. And i want to know all the relationshipscores and wether i allready gave presents to my girls (and Felix 😉 ) or not.

    Please check this out. But i have to repeat GREAT WORK! Thanks a lot for this game and our beloved BAD ASS Hero >:-)

  2. Not really a bug, but when our hero uses the “enforce discipline” option on Alina he tells her to be more respectful, but she uses her standard non respectful reply at the end. I’m not sure if that’s deliberate or not, but it is at odds to how the other characters react to that option.

  3. Lumbermill Path Cutscene did not activate. I only have Felix so far, and took the triggers but did not complete quest for Florine, Blacksmith and Elaiya. 4 Darkseeds by this point collected, from the Manor, Penelope’s farm, Southport, Lavinia’s grave.

    Seeker’s Stone did no activate over Lavinia’s grave, and pressing on the stone causes it to activate it’s effect, but you lose it from the inventory and have to go back to the manor to collect it again.

    In the Eastfort guild house, the door has been moved to being before the merchants rather than the receptionist, but your avatar still enters as if the door is at the receptionist’s spot.

    Cannery quest is impossible to complete. The dialogue never changes for the Cannery owner or Alina even after the investment book is read. I imported the save to the October edition, talked to Alina saved, imported the save back to the November edition and was able to complete the quest.

    The carraige business is gone.Stepping out of the theater after speaking to Borgen takes you out of the city instead of just out of the building.

    After the undead quest, the music does not come back in Lumberhill.

    After fighting the bear in the woods, the hero’s dialogue repeats 3 times before the glass shatters and the loop is broken.

    The Scholastic Excellence quest never goes into the completed quest list and simply says missing stage. Same with Manor Invasion, it just says to praise 2 girls, and again with the search party quest, but also doesn’t go into the completed list, though all these quests are technically completed and I got the rewards plus the time went to the next day.

    The sister did not join in when fighting in the bedroom during manor assault. By this point, I had Doll, Ino, Larelle, the Twins, Serade, Florine, Randi, Penelope, Chimei, Elaiya and Yamamaya as slaves. Larelle was not collared as is an active party member, but she shows up in two locations, besides Felix and in the dungeon.

    The wiki says there are 2 dark seeds to be found after the ogre, but I only get 1. The crate you find the other one in is missing.

    Not a bug but a suggestion. Those 2 nuns and Therese, maybe they can be used in a quest to reopen the church in the slums?

    The whole clockquest thing does seem really pointless. Perhaps the quest can be expanded by adding a collectible girl who can be the inventor type in the harem?

    I also suggest that in the quest to find Kyrie, since there are plenty of poison using critters around, shouldn’t there be a source for antidotes, like say the merchant?

    Also, this is just an opinion but maybe you should have saved the who race or skin color lift thing for new characters. Penelope and Yamamaya look like they were given black faces now.

    Penelope’s doesn’t look as bad, but Yamamaya’s looks unnatural.

    1. >The wiki says there are 2 dark seeds to be found after the ogre, but I
      >only get 1. The crate you find the other one in is missing.

      It was a duplicate item, and was removed.

      >Not a bug but a suggestion. Those 2 nuns and Therese, maybe they can
      >be used in a quest to reopen the church in the slums?

      Hmm… maybe. The two nuns I’m not intending to make recurring characters in any way, but reopening that church with Therese might be a thing.

      >The whole clockquest thing does seem really pointless. Perhaps the
      >quest can be expanded by adding a collectible girl who can be the
      >inventor type in the harem?

      What’s wrong with a quest just to make money? But the clock weirdos will show up again, they’re getting mentioned for a reason.

      >I also suggest that in the quest to find Kyrie, since there are plenty of
      >poison using critters around, shouldn’t there be a source for antidotes,
      >like say the merchant?


      >Also, this is just an opinion but maybe you should have saved the who
      >race or skin color lift thing for new characters. Penelope and Yamamaya
      >look like they were given black faces now.

      Actually, they’re just meant to look tanned, and them showing up like that now is kind of a coincidence. I didn’t have a pixel artist helping out until recently and I had asked for the sprite change long before the race thing came up.

      Penelope and Yamamaya both were always supposed to look like they spend a lot of time outside. You can tell because Penelope’s CGs have darker skin then the others. I just couldn’t implement that change until now.

  4. Somehow I am unable to complete
    Ain’t No Party Like A Search Party. talking with the guildmaster doesn’t finish the quest despite Kyrie and her party thanking me in the Adv. Guild for saving them. I received no reward.

  5. It would be nice if the initial dialogue when talking to someone in your mansion changed depending on your relationship level, at least in some cases. It gets kind of ridiculous when the protagonist greets Felix with an annoyed “Oh, it’s you” after they essentially become best bros. It also seems silly that he can’t tell the difference between lilac and violet after spending so much time with (on?) them.

    1. I can look at doing some of that, it’d be nice to see, say, Therese softening to the Hero over time. Your specific examples aren’t great though. Felix and Hero’s relationship is always going to have some level of antagonism I think.

      As for Lilac and Violet… the fact that the Hero can’t tell them apart only gets funnier the more you think about it. Why can’t he tell them apart if they have completely different personalities and hairstyles? How does he just *know* what gifts they like even though he can’t tell them apart? And best of all, if all that isn’t enough for him to tell the difference, what could them being naked possibly add that he can tell the difference then?

    2. If you want an undertone of antagonism even after Felix comes to like/trust/respect the hero, perhaps they could begin trading barbs. You know, an exchange of mostly humorous yet slightly cutting insults (maybe with the hero shutting Felix down by using the ‘Healbot’ card when he goes too far in one of the exchanges).

      Not sure I agree with you on the Violet and Lilac thing, but it’s your game. If that’s the way your going with it, though, maybe you could have the hero respond to the name correction at later levels by saying something like “Oh, the one with the little mole on your labia/sligtly upturned right nipple/longer clitoris/other increasingly minute sexual detail”, Either that, or you could have the maids respond to his inability to tell them apart first with growing exasperation and then finally with a kind of familiar fondness after the love quest.

  6. Love the new map, always thought the massive maps were strange, but I can understand how small maps are a pain to work with. As you move towards completing each town shrinking them down seems like a good ideal.

    These were some things I found while playing the October build, I forgot about them so the November build might have fixed them up, but some might still be there.

    Game Freezing Bugs

    > Game turns to a black screen (and freezes) after purchasing condo, if the burning of the farm event triggers.

    > This ones rather hard to describe as I get a game freeze after the Hscene with Meline and Larrele. The new day scene triggers along with the new day text, but the final cg is stuck on the screen, so its impossible to progress. I can go to the menu and use items though, timeturner didn’t work, but Book of Hax fixed the problem. In my play through I was trying to maximize the number of quests/events finished per day (Completing all quests that don’t cause a new day and going as far as possible without “completing” other quests) so that may have caused it. It triggers from any quest completion so its not tied to a specific quest.

    Other Bugs

    > If you kill the initial rat without a sword, (despite the warning) go back pick up the sword and try to exit, the warning message plays again.

    > If the movement speed is set to fast Sometimes the floating ! marks when enemies notice you remains for a few seconds after killing them.

    > (Dialog) – During Castle Defense Quest
    Violet: I wan’t worried, master. I knew you’d come.
    Missing s in wasn’t

    1. That’s basically what happened with the new maps. I gave myself lots of room at the beginning simply because I didn’t know how much space I’d need, but then I realized that the Northmarket Wealthy District was 80% complete and only 50% filled up, so….

      Thanks for the bug reports, though some of that stuff would be fixed in the November version.

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