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So, I started this week having no idea what I wanted to write about on Blogsday, so I outsourced today’s topic to the first backer to get back to me. Courtesy of Omnibomb, I give you today a preview of the characters I’m considering for future games.

Harem Collector

Let’s see… where are we at? Sixteen girls with Female!Gargan? Eighteen after you count Diadira and [Elf Ranger Girl]. That leaves another twleve girls, minimum. Well, I really don’t want to go into it here, because at this point it might be a bit spoilery. Here’s what I can tell you:

The Bankrupt Noble Heiress
When you do receive your player housing in Westcastle, the Hero will find the house overseen by a particularly haughty and proud maid. Turns out, the “maid” is nothing of the sort, but the daughter of the now-bankrupt noble family that once owned the home. She was essentially squatting, but dressed up as a maid in order to not be arrested. But the Hero doesn’t care, of course, and slaps a collar on her regardless.

Slime Girl Familiar
Similarly, when the player acquires the housing in Southport, they discover the sanctum of a (now dead) wizard. However, the building is far from empty, and the wizard’s old  familiar- a slime girl created through arcane experimentation. Sheltered and innocent.

Project Norn

While there will be about 6-8 characters you can have sex with, the main heroine duties are spread out between four different girls. The first two girls you meet on the other side of the well are Athena and Skuld. Athena appears as a lady of the war and the party’s main fighter, and is very intelligent and known for fighting smart. Skuld appears as the party’s resident black magician girl, mysterious and cruel.

As for other characters, a rule 63’d version of Houyi will appear as the party archer, though I have fewer specifics on her character she will probably be an energetic genki girl type. Kikuri-hime will appear as the party’s main healer. And even though they are dudes, Hades will appear as the accessory shop owner, Ptah as weapon crafting guy, and Gabriel as the party’s mage-knight.

Harem Collector II

Even though it’s at least a year or more away, I have given some thought to who is going to appear in the next Harem Collector game.

The Time Traveler’s Granddaughter
Since the Amazing Old Man ended up being unexpectedly popular, I thought it would awesome to incorporate him in the ongoing Harem Collector story. So, in the second game, you’ll run into his granddaughter, having taken up the family business of time adventuring. She’ll totally be rocking the pulp sci-fi look- free-floating rings and tinfoil skirt, etc. She’ll help out in battle by fighting with a raygun and calling down orbital strikes and such. Oh, and if you’re curious about how she’s going to look, she’s going to appear as an Ultra-Rare unlockable character in Dunegon Assault: No Mercy.

 The Five Generals of Kellos
All of the five generals of Kellos will be recruit-able (capture-able?) characters in HC2, and they’re all sexy ladies to boot. Some of the generals are:

Fiona the Grave-Digger
Commander of the Second Legion, Fiona has mastered the art of fighting with a shovel, thus earning her nickname. She is also known as a great strategist, even among the ranks of the Five Generals. Confident and sassy, she likes to taunt her opponents before each battle in order to goad them into making mistakes.

Wolf the Sniper
A supernaturally skilled marksman, Wolf has revolutionized the use of black powder weapons in battle, and her Third Legion is renowned for the speed and accuracy of it’s rifle lines. I haven’t written much of her character into stone, yet, but that’s because I haven’t played any of the Metal Gear games and I will have to pick them up in order to get the parody right.

Red the Scout
The newest of the Five Generals commands the Fifth Legion. Although she lacks the experience of the other generals, she makes up for it with innovative tactics and a reckless disregard for the odds. She’s trained her legion to focus on maneuverability and travel speed, and makes use of more cavalry and mounted infantry than the other Legions. She uses a baseball bat in combat, of course, and like Wolf is a pretty blatant parody.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I have other plans, but they’re staying secret for now.

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  1. “Anyway, that’s it for now. I have other plans, but they’re staying secret for now. “

    I should hope so!

    Our hero is modest enough about the size of his harem without you trying to pull a fast one on us. ^_^

  2. Hey Mosh, long time reader/player, first time poster. Wanted to say I am loving your and MWL’s work.

    I also came up with a basic scenario in which your character could meet a “Mimic”-girl.

    Basically, she would be a free-lance treasure hunter named Mimi with an almost uncontrollable, and VERY literal, gold lust. You would meet here in some out of the way chest in some dungeon somewhere, where she will have buried her self in a chest full of gold to satiate herself.

    The Hero would immediately peg her for a mimic, only seeing her top half coming out of a pile of gold. A quick battle later, she will spill out of the chest and Hero will collar her (IF you have one on hand). He won’t take the gold, though, because he will be a little disturbed about how moist it is. Later, at the mansion, she will explain herself and agree to work for you.

    She won’t be a PC, but you can invest in a treasure hunt that could get you more gold, rare potions, ect.

    She will start with a reasonable Relation ship level (40?), because she figures hang around a rich guy like Hero will give her plenty of chances to “entertain” her fetish. At the 50+ point, she will teach your character about treasure hunting, permanently increasing drop rates for any item an enemy might have. At the next level, she would teach you how to divine for gold, permanently increasing the amount of gold you get from enemies. Her Love reward would lead her being more focused on you than her fetish, letting her overcome it more frequently resulting in better treasure hunt results.

    – Kaoy

  3. While we’re on the subject of new girls, something came to mind (If you’ve thought of this in some way, disregard then.)

    Specifically, maybe making the alien you get from the end of the Mysterious Old Man stuff actually a girl, and take his place in the mansion. Maybe not a party member, but she could basically once a day give out a random battle item (drawn from all the stuff the old man gives you plus maybe a few others).

  4. How about adding a dark elf/drow girl/slave, she could be scouting the player’s town/kingdom for an invasion/war by the dark elf/drow, which could led to some spying if there is a corupt noble in the kingdom who is working for the dark elves/drow.

  5. For Alina, you could make her love quest be about her mother being kidnapped by loan sharks. Quest lvl10. Our Hero will go to her father and get info and get nothing since the father lip shut and after asking him he will leave his house but then the son will spill the beans, that the father just sold alina’s mom to the loan sharks in the slums. And then our hero go to the slum and goes to the inn and get info. Later he finds out she is in the same place alina was when she kidnapped. When he goes to the place, the bartender will tell him the loan shark recently working for a while. He goes in and sees men with swords in black suits and guard dogs with black glasses and as well as black suit gunmen. After fighting them, you will go the prison and a slave guild man will tell you that the key is in the room and the hero could say “is this deja vu?” and then therese could say “I agree with you” then when almost entering the room the party will not get ambushed instead the party will go search the room and key will this time be in the pot and the hero could “Maybe we check the pots often” then when leaving the room the ambush will appear and the party will fight the boss who is a big, buff, bald, black suit with a green blade with two, three men and you could name him “Prevy Frog” And then after the battle you could go to the cage and open it and this time the slave guild man will thank you and give the hero three collars and maybe the hero will say “It really is deja vu!” and then the mother will come out and fall on him and say that she wants him bad but she also knew that therese was her daughter and she slams therese and herself on the hero and the two of them have sex with the hero. After sex she will put on the collar herself becomes part of your harem. Later when bring her back alina and her mother hug each other and later in the night alina pop up in the hero’s bed and tells him that her father divorced with her mother because she was a slut. Later after a silence. She looks at him and says “You found my mother for me, I don’t mind if she joins your harem but….i want you to look at me not just mum and therese. because…i love you.” Then they have sex and at thein the middle she could say that her parents gave her permission to get pregnant and she could say it like this ” Please let be bear your children, I got permission from my parents but you got promise me that you will never leave me and the other girl….and your children” and the hero will asks if she is sure and when she say yes then he will say “Fine. but you got take care of those brats” and after that she gives you better gifts and higher incomes. As For her daily speech she will say when you click her “Morning dear, i think i might just might be…you know…and i doing fine” and if you press chat she will say “So, Hey who do you think is better me, mum or my sister?” and the hero will say “well- woah you know that therese is your sis!?” and she replied “Yeah, mum told me at night when you know”then our hero says”I see i will go tell therese then..” Alina replied “Oh ok- hey wait are you running away from question!?!”

    Alian’s mum name could be Adriana i think your choice No moshing !
    if you want help in making stories i will keep posting

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