Harem Collector March 2015 Public Release

EDIT: PublicV2 is now available on the Harem Collector download page, fixed a couple of the more egregious problems, including the Stuck in the Middle with You infinite loop.

It’s finally done. You know where to grab, and if you don’t, try here. Happy fapping!

Note: I’ve taken care of all of the game breakers (I think) but there are a number of bugs I have yet to address in this version. Please keep that in mind as you explore the new content- everything will be straightened out for the May release if not sooner.

Also Note: I forgot to remove references to the Teamster’s Guild and setting up trade routes. This feature is not yet implemented. Sorry for giving you game mechanic blue balls.

Changes in this version:

-Three new quests! Check out the Southport Adventurer’s Guild and the Eastfort Adventurer’s Guild to kick two of them off. The third is the result of a wandering encounter, so you should run into it eventually.

-One new mini-quest, Slave Hunt Part II!

-Four new sex scenes!

-One brand new party member- Bronwyn, the Elven ranger!

-One temporary party member made permanent- Kyrie, the adventuring sorceress!

-Four total new harem girls!

-Two new villages!

-Raina’s “Beneath the Armour” scene now has placeholder CGs for your enjoyment- they just need a quick recolour.

-Randi’s Relationship now starts at 41.

-Weapon-enhancing items no long stack- only the one you applied last will be viable.

-The guy running the Money-Making Game will only put up with your save-scumming bullshit for so long.

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  1. Ummm, just checking, is it possible to just move over my old saves and resume the game? When I tried doing that but the replay scene option won’t become available for some reason…

      1. Hmmm.

        Well, would rather have the joke be something else, but so long as you’re not serious about it… Especially since the opposition did far better pushing people in GG than GG itself.

        1. Oh, I’m serious about it. But you also shouldn’t need me to tell you that Gamergate has lost all credibility- whatever original message GG had has long been lost in a fetid sewer of shrieking teenagers and embittered divorcees sending rape threats to K-list female celebrities.

          To be perfectly clear, I’m not too fond of SJWs and Tumblrfolk either. But even a group of hypersensitive, lecturing whiners looks good next to the misogynist bullies who keep doxxing and swatting anyone that disagrees with them. Sure, I wish video game journalism was less corrupt. But I also wish we lived in a world where a feminist can share her views without being told she deserves to be raped with a baseball bat. One of these things is far more important than the other.

          Hell, GamerGate is the reason why I changed the opening disclaimer back in December. The thought that there are diseased minds out there who might play HC and see it as condoning or approving of violence against women makes me actually, physically nauseous. I thought that nothing would make working at a gas station sound more appealing than making video games for living, and then GamerGate happened. Yuck.

          Incidentally, this is where this conversation ends. If my comments sour you on HC, fine, but I’m going to be damned before I let my privately-owned blog be turned into a GG sounding platform.

          1. Well, I had no intention to push for a debate here. I’m disappointed and believe you’re wrong, sure, but I’ll respect your right to your own opinion.

            And indeed, those who take this as an approval to do the same in reality are crazy.

          2. The doxxing and swatting thing was disproven months ago. It blows my mind that someone making a game like this, which would be made illegal and you sent to prison for thought crime if these people had their way, actually throws himself into lockstep with those psychos once the con-artists at the head start playing the victim.

            You made a game about raping women who end up liking it and then have the temerity to accuse GG of being misogynistic. Have you people lost your damn minds? What the Christ is the matter with you?

  2. First time I tried, I ran into the bug. I think it’s because of the clown. I played it again, this time instead of going south to save the elves first, I chased the clown and I had no bug (but a harder fight).

    Now I’m stuck on the blasted tower, just like the others and I can’t find how to proceed in the philosopher’s stone quest. I finished talking to both kid alchemists, but then, that’s it.

    1. Also had to comment: Runapenthe… is that inspired by Star Trek? If so, there should be a joke about a monster who’s genitals aren’t in the same place everyone else’s is… or a shapechanging enemy.

      1. It was intended to be a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but it’s old enough that Star Trek probably made the same reference at some point.

        1. Ah, I was slightly mistaken. Rura Penthe is the prison camp Captain Nemo was imprisoned in during 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but said prison camp is only named in the 1954 movie. My mistake- it’s been years since I’ve read/seen either.

    2. The stone is easy to find, the hard part (at least for me) are the crystals, it seems that some go back to their original position after you leave the map, probably a bug.
      The stone is in the room with a lot of chests, E-7. It is somewhat like chess, the top line is A, the line under A is B and so forth. From left to right is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8. Since the stone is in E-7, go to the last line and open the 7th chest. There are more itens there, check out the “jornals” in the second map of the tower.

    1. I assume you’re referring to the obstruction? An old PS2 game called Okage: Shadow King featured “Boxes you Can Push but Not Pull”. That kind of puzzle is common to RPGs and would otherwise be unremarkable, but because the person who introduces the puzzle describes the boxes that way (complete with capitalization) it sounds like those boxes were somehow designed or enchanted to be that way. Which is an inexplicably stupid waste of a wizard’s (or engineer’s, it’s the kind of game where it could be either) time. Thus, the [REDACTED] of Eternal Obstruction, because it sounds like a ridiculous waste of time.

      Or it is the “key” to that particular puzzle? I also like the idea of objects of incredible power whose true value is entirely lost on the Hero, thus the reason why the Perpetual Motion Device is just a meaningless bit of vendor trash. Thus, the use of the “key” is obvious to the player- it’s a point-and-shoot solve-any-problem sort of thing, but the only thing that the Hero thinks to use it for is to move an annoying piece of scenery.

      Since it looks like I have to do a second version soon anyway, I might swap the image of the obstructing object to make it more apparent- right now it’s not the sort of thing a player had ever had to examine before, so it’s very easy to overlook.

      1. There is an obstruction somewhere?….I don’t have eyes, yet I must see. And if there is a key, should I assume it is the wand? Because….I don’t have that anymore o.o

        1. I found it, and yeah, it turns out I was bugged in the end. You can use the wand in a battle, and if you do it will have no effect, and disappear from your inventory. Just so you know ^^

          1. Where is this obstruction? Seriously, I’ve been playing on-and-off for two hours trying to get through this quest, I need HELP.

  3. I always feel really dumb when these updates come around because I just can’t figure out the puzzles, and with this one….I don’t know, I feel like I am bugged, and that I will be running around in circles through this cursed tower forever more. I just can’t figure out these crystals, I have gone through all of them with varying combinations of on and off, and none of them want me going to the vault.

  4. Finished both the Research Materials and Philosopher Stone quests now, but Kyrie is bugged. If I try to leave the mansion, it always forces me to take her with me. Clementine also won’t take gifts even if I use a time-turner after the the first gift is given.

  5. Bug in the “elf” mission. If you go to the tent before killing the clown, when you go out of the tent, hero says that you complete the mission and teleports to the elf house. After that it seems to be impossible to complete the quest – elf says text, which they supposed to say afetr accepting the quest.

  6. Alright, alright. Don’t expect me to do this in the future, I’m only offering help now because apparently Research Materials is bugged the hell and it’s possible to pooch the quest entirely by accident.

    Once you access Rurapenthe Tower (however you choose to do so), you need to fight your way through the Containment Floor (accessed via red teleporters). There you need to retrieve the Wand of Reality Negation and activate the yellow teleporter- don’t worry if you can’t figure out how to get the Philosopher’s Stone, this won’t be your last chance to get it. DO NOT USE THE WAND IN COMBAT AS IT IS BUGGED. You’ll have to redo the quest if you do.

    From there, descend the tower to Archival Floor B (accessed via blue teleporters) and examine the stack of sandbags to the left of the large crystal in the switch room. The Hero will negate the sandbags and reveal the switch that will activate the red teleporter on this floor.

    1. When is the other chance because I missed it because of that stupid crap of the switch getting stuck so I had to go back to an earlier save and leave the room after grabbjng the wand and after finished the quest saving over that file with out realzintg I didn’t have the stone serouisly have the switch stick was just dumb it breaks the game if you pull the green switch as well which keeps reverting to its original postion

  7. just one little question. I had Kyrie on party that cannot be replaced, but she isn´t wearing any collar slave, but in the wikia it says that she get collared….is something wrong?

  8. Hi NoMoshing:

    Thanks for the quick update.

    Just curious to know why the enemies no longer have bar health (at least in my game). Is that intended or a bug?

    Greetings lostone2

  9. Maybe I’m just a coplete idiot, but where the hell is the orc for slave hunt 2?
    I ran around for two hours, entered every house and I am still unable to find him.
    In fact the only orc I found was the one in the pink banana in the NM slums and he wont do it.

    1. Orc Village is hidden in the cave that used to house the faceless abomination, above the old Orc forest camp.

      My question is, I finished all the quest but still have 1 collar. How do I LOSE it so I can do the Slave Hunt Quest?

  10. So how to start the quests or find the villages? i got the download but it still says december, i copied all my saves but cant find any new things not in the guilds not in the mansion >.>
    Some Help?

  11. Glitch I have the philosophers stone but when I go talk to orange kid it says I should wait until supporting both of them but I recevie stuff from both and when I go talk to apple kid I just ask if she has any clues on the whereabouts of the philosophers stone and she says no thats it so I am pretty sure I invested in both

  12. I seem to be stuck on Yama’s love quest. When you have Kyrie in your party the game won’t let you enter the arena due to her being an essential party member, even though you only need the MC and Yama for that part.

  13. I truly hate to make you feel overwhelmed when you’ve given us this wonderful game, but I have a bug, I think, in that once Gargan awakes s/he stays a required party member forever. I certainly don’t demand an immediate fix, but if you could look into it for next public release it would be appreciated.


  14. Weirdest thing was, after I finished the werewolf village quest, all my characters jumped up 10 levels. Or was it the elf village quest? Either way, I suddenly noticed that the average level of my party members had gone from 10-12 to 20-22. I hope that doesn’t mean my characters skipped all the skills they would have learned from those levels…

  15. So while i had to redo my progrogess cos save file went bye bye i found 2 bugs dont know where to report.
    Bewitchy woman-if you talk to one of the people that hint at the womans location for the frst time after you finished the quest the quest reapeara in quest log with no description

      1. Go to Study (One with the Mini Quest and Lever with Codes)

        Left book on the desk, read through it. Then talk to Alina with “Household Income”

  16. Yama’s love quest: when I entered the arena after registering with the front desk guy, it went immediately to overhearing the poison conspiracy. Then began the third match vs 3 creepers. This was from the newest version.

  17. i got a little bug to report
    if you get orange kid and apple kid in your harem. You cant get them to craft the bomb for the quest finishing unfinished business if the old man is gone.

  18. I just started playing and you are making a great game. I am stuck in the Rurapenthe Tower. Ive gotten all the way through to the green teleporter but there is a ward that is blocking the way and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get rid of it. Thanks again.

  19. no moshing is there a puzzle for the rurapenthe tower f1 at the switch that besides 6 orb??? i cant figure out the the meaning of the switch there with 6 orb…i try let all the 5 crystall glow (only the f1 didnt glow)…is there a puzzle there?

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