Plans for May Release

Update: March Public Version 3 is now available!

Okay, so March public release version 3 should be out later today- maybe around 12-3pm EST. It will contain a great many fixes- I just need a little time to work in all the little fixes. I think that most of the problems with the release are all nice and smoothed out now, so it should be good. I hope.

Anyway, release problems aside (I really should just get used to the fact that there are going to be problems no matter what I do). Starting tomorrow and going to the next two weeks or so, I’m going to be posting a Let’s Play of Harem Collector on the BKG forums. While I have played through individual parts to “spot check” them, it’s been quite awhile since I played through my own game front to back. I’m going to do so, taking notes to tune up the game a little and I’m also going to post observations and commentary on the forum, so feel free to follow along and share your perspective.

Wait, what was the title of this post again? Oh yeah.

So, May will hopefully see the triumphant implementation of either Diadira or Yeon. I also intend to throw in another quest, possibly Cannibal Corps. or the second quest in the Ancient Mysteries line. I also want to implement an event that has been sitting on the back burner for some time… and will remain mysterious. Not to mention I still have to go fill in some missing bits, like the alchemy system.

Unfortunately, it’s also tax time. So depending on how much that actually eats into my time, I might only get some of that done. Considering I managed three quests for this release and it wasn’t a complete disaster, I’m choosing to be optimistic.

Just to recap if you didn’t catch it on the website, next Backer Release is May 6th and the Public Release will be a week later on the 13th.

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  1. I’m not completely sure if this is a bug, but it seems like after I upgraded from the March v2 release to the March v3 release of Harem Collector and transferred my replay.rvdata2 and Save01.rvdata2 files to the new March v3 release that the entire game world (both indoors and outdoors) has gotten a lot… Well, darker. The lighting’s not as bright now as it used to be. I know you introduced rain as a weather pattern into the game NoMoshing, but are there also cloudy/overcast days in the game now? That would explain why everything outside seems to have dimmer lighting, but not why it’s happening inside too.

    1. Alright, I’m sorry for not testing this bug out more before posting it here, but I fixed it. All I had to do was exit the area I was in (Northmarket – Wealthy District) into the Middle Kingdom overworld map and the bug was fixed. However, I do have some possible good news from posting that bug if you’re interested, NoMoshing.

      Seeing the game world in a state like that (darkened, like the sun has been blotted out) gave me an idea for a new quest and harem girl. What if… At a point in the game determined by how many quests you’ve done (thus determining what level you are) a hot-looking (of course, this is Harem Collector we’re talking about – I doubt the Hero would enslave an unattractive woman, so she’d have to be hot) elemental-type Dark/Evil Mage or whatever used some kind of ancient spell to block out the sun all across the World of Harem Collector (The Middle Kingdom, Kalos, Inferireux, ect). Since a spell to block out the sun would have to be from kind of ancient and forbidden ether-manipulating technique or something this idea could have something to do with your Ancient Mysteries questline. It could be the final quest in the questline, where you have to defeat this Evil Elemental Mage or whatever to add her to your harem and reverse the effects of the spell, bringing the World of Harem Collector back into the light.

      Unblocking the sun could make the Hero famous all across the World, thus having an impact on how he is treated in future games or something. Maybe the Evil Elemental Mage is trying to block out the sun so that it’s easier for vampires to attack people, or something.

      I don’t have the entire idea together in my head, but I thought maybe you would find it interesting and make a quest out of it. I’m not looking for credit or anything, it’s just an idea I had as a result of the above-mentioned bug.

  2. Fun fact: Look at the door that leads from the Front Hall of your manor to the Dining Hall. Look (or even better, walk through) the left side of it.
    The left side goes the wrong way. The handle is at the wall and the hinges are in the middle of the door. It’s basically two regular doors side by side, while in fact, the left one /should/ be (but isn’t) mirrored to make it look right.
    It’s been this way for several releases.

    Try it out, you won’t be able to unsee it =P

    1. 1: Get the Book of Hax.
      2: Use it at least once. Doesn’t matter if you’re full up on HP or whatever.
      3: Press the “q” key.
      4: Enter the code “ur5” without quotations (of course).

  3. so with the new release, every time i win a battle it now says every ‘partyable’ characters name and says the earned the exact same amount of exp. instead of the usual you gained X amount of exp and then the sil. which is really slow going with all the current characters names being listed at the end of each battle could we please have that back the way it was? 🙂

  4. Can’t start the Slave Hunt II quest because I still have a collar.
    I still have a collar because I never collared Larelle.

    Maybe a work around could be to have Ino ask for a collar to be like the others in the mansion once she’s at a high enough respect/love level? It isn’t like the main character will do anything with an underage girl.

    That shouldn’t disrupt your flow too much, I’d think.

    1. Shouldnt affect that to be honest, I never collared her either. Yet I had to do that quest.
      Do you have: Alina, Elaiya, Florine, Gargan, Meline, Penelope, Randi, Renfield. Serade, Yanamaya unsure but i think Doll also takes a Collar from you?

  5. I have the philosophers stone but when I go talk to orange kid it says I need to wait until I am supporting both but when I go talk to apple kid I just ask about the philosophers stone and she says no idea and I have been receiving stuff from both and my ledger says I have invested in both so I am pretty sure I have invested in both I have westcalse manor also so thats not the problem I bought the philosopher stone is that the problem

    1. He’s so beatable that you can never stop beating him. Until he beats you.

      (That means: No, you can’t win against him. Apparently, he is immune to death.)

  6. Gargan is cured but silver starred and the book of hax (with q and ur5) doesn’t seem to change anything. Is there a different code between Kyrie and Gargan perhaps? Or am I forgetting something? It’s also for Yamamaya’s love quest

  7. So I looked through the forums and couldn’t find your lets play.

    The most likely solution is that I’m derping and can’t find it. Could you put a link to the thread with it please?

  8. Not sure if it’s a bug or not but I have a relationship in game which, when using items like gifts to improve them, the game displays +4, but while the relationship is at 21 Dislike, it goes further to like 25 Dislike although +4 should signify improvement.

    1. Ok, im interested in your +4 right now. As highest ones i know only give +3 which means i need atleast 33 days just to make someone go to close to love. And the 25 Dislike. Its pretty much numbers. Higher the better she likes you. And it will go to Neutral at around 40? Then 60…then 80 then 101?

      Or something like that. Once it gets to 101 it will trigger Love Quest.

      1. Oh, sorry, you’re right, I think I was tired and thought it was going negatively as in being more Disliked than before instead of going up towards Neutral or Like… My bad, thanks!

  9. first I just discovered this game and its awesome!!

    second a quick question I got the alchemists but on following days I only get lead, is this a bug I assumed you’d get stuff from both?(I never gave money to the gold alchemist before getting the philosophers stone)

  10. I was just wondering if this is a bug or if I’m not looking in the right places, but I seem to be having a hard time finding Lilac. I can find her sister, Violet no problem; its Lilac that I have an issue locating. I sometimes find her in the shop/smith/ and prayer room. But most days she disappears. I’ve already have the trust of her sister, but since it’s so hard for me to find Lilac I’m only at Like with her.

    1. Lilac spawns in the Alchemy Lab, Item Shop, Chapel, Master Bedroom and Study
      Violet spawns in the Kitchen, Forge, Servant’s Quarters, Dining Room and Dungeon

  11. Look, I feel I just have to say, the name of the quest ‘Cannibal Corps’ worries me. Yes, I know you’re absurdly fond of punny pop culture-based names for the quests in the game and normally I approve, but this one has unpleasant implications. MAYBE it’s just a punny name, but I really hope the quest doesn’t make a big thing out of a cannibal plot. Natives trying to boil the hero alive in a big cliched cooking pot would be funny, but please, DON’T do a serious story about a family of cannibal serial killers or something Criminal Minds-ish like that. The end of The Virgin Gynocides REALLY bothered me because it was so immensely, jarringly out of tone with the rest of the game. In the same game where you and your nymphomaniac little sister team up to gang-rape her own guardian goddess, the hero calls out a tribe of orcs for cliche’d melodramatic “we’re just trying to survive” bullshit on the basis that he’s Chaotic Neutral, and you burn down a man’s farm and destroy his livelihood just because you hate turnips, having a quest to find some kidnapped girls end with the revelation that 2 out of 3 of them died what would have been horrendously, agonising, degrading and pointless deaths before you even arrived and for the rest of the game their families are mourning their loss is SHOCKINGLY unpalatable and grim. A bit of character drama, like Elaiya avenging her murdered husband is fine, but seriously dark story twists are a BAD idea. The Virgin Gynocides REALLY stuck in my craw and I don’t want Cannibal Corps to end up as a repeat of that.

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