Backer Release, Finally

Hey there everyone! It’s finally here!

If you’re a Patreon backer, the post with the latest version is already on the Patreon page.

If you’re a Paypal backer from 2014 or earlier, I’m struggling with my email server at the moment- the anti-spam policy is being hyperactive. I’ll get the emails out ASAP, for now if you’re listed as a backer in the official forum there is a link there.

The extra backer present I’m hoping to have ready for this weekend or Monday, just wanted to take a little more time on that.

As for news… even though it’s not affecting devtime right now, the renos on the house should be finished up by Friday, which’ll be a load off my mind. Then I can actually, you know, unpack stuff and make this place a little like a for-reals, grown up home.

Anyway, please keep in mind sometimes that I miss my email notifications for this blog, and don’t approve comments until awhile after. I mention this now because this time it happens to be a comment critical of how I run things, and I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to censor anyone.

Sorry for the late arrival on the release this month, and here’s hoping the next release will go a lot smoother!

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