July 2015 Public Release

Download can be found in the usual place.

Changes in this version
-New quest! Check out your desk in the Northmarket manor or speak to Shally to proceed.
-We heard you liked quests, so we put a quest in your quest so you can quest while you quest. (translation: new miniquest in the new quest)
-Elaiya’s Love Quest, Finishing Unfinished Business, has been extended. If you haven’t played it yet, check it out!
-New music from the game’s new composer, PeaSea.
-Hall Monitor from Hell has been fixed and should now be complete-able.
-Many of the earlier quests have had their XP rewards rebalanced.
-Sibling Rivalry, the custom backer scene from last month, can now be added to the list of random sex scenes with the code “JuFJrY1”

Unfortunately, house stuff raised it’s ugly head once more so I wasn’t able to work as much as I wanted since the backer update, so there are not many changes since the backer version- the weapon upgrade from the new quest is now in, and there’s a new piece of music, that’s about it. Things are definitely settling down though- only a little bit of work left, waiting on a few specialists in particular- so I’m going to try to do the Wednesday updates right at midnight EST again.

Fortunately, a couple of days ago it was too hot to work in my office (A/C was off because of reno guys running in and out all day), so I spent the day chilling out at a coffee shop, and got all the planning done for the next update. SO that’s something, right?

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  1. I did the new quest (and miniquest), went to both the smith and alchemist and can`t seem to get the upgrade. Am I doing something wrong/did I miss the item? (I assumed it was the High Lion Shield)

  2. I’m stuck at the Hall Monitor from Hell quest. I beat up the guy outside the “clubhouse”, but he still won’t let me inside. He just says his “you don’t belong here” line and pushes me away from the door, just like before i beat him. Now I can’t do anything because I saved after beating him, he doesn’t let me inside and I can’t leave the map without finishing the quest, so I’m literally stuck in the Southport university district with no way to progress. Any chance for a bugfix update? Preferably one that lets me use my save from after I beat the guy, because my latest other save is like four hours back… -_-

  3. Bit more information, in the hopes that it helps you find the bug. It’s a rainy day in my game. I saved my game right after beating the guy outside the clubhouse. He was counted in the “x/30 students found” thing and his dialog changed accordingly. Despite this, I can’t enter the door, and if I try to interact with the door he gives me the same line he gave me before I started the quest and pushes me away from the door.

  4. If you get Florine as a slave before you get Lilac and Violet, is she gone forever?

    When you get the maids, they clean up but Florine doesnt appear?

  5. …Know you got your hands full…
    You may wanna note the downloads aren’t really in the usual place. But, only in the wiki….

    (Not Really Tryin’ To Be A “Smart-Ass”
    …just works out that way; somehow … ;/)

    1. I’m half sleep still 😉 , but if you’re saying that the download link in the wiki still points to the Version 1, it has been fixed as a a couple of minutes ago. If you’re talking about any other thing, *blush* I’m sorry.

  6. I bought the cat with my heart tokens. I named her Delilah (cuz I had a cat named Delilah once). I clicked on the cat after naming her to see if I could name her.

    “Hey there, Delilah.”

    Completely unintended, but pretty funny (to me anyway).

  7. Bug: Went to speak with the Prof to start the Hall Monitor from Hell quest. Had to head to the Southport Guild to get it (that was on me). Entered the university section of Southport and was treated to the scene of Alina bitch-slapping Yeon, and I got +3 delinquent students before even talking to the Prof. I’ve collected all thirty now and can’t tell him about it (he tells me to go find the students).

  8. Bug Report
    (Read: too lazy to open e-mail)

    I got 2 Hints about the River Nymph,
    then completed the Winter Queen Quest

    then talk to 2 random people that give me another hint and restart the Quest Notification.

    Then, it become incomplete again.

    Thank you
    Expendable game tester

    1. Yeah, you have to do the Looking for a Cure quest (after finishing Virgin Gynocides and becoming a journeyman). You gain the manor near the end of it.

  9. Applekid and Orangekid won’t join, something about buying a house in freaking Westcastle, could you possibly explain this? I have no idea what’s going on here. Is it a glitch or do I have to wait until I’m in the noble section

    1. You need to recruit Raina and Gargan, and complete Quest for a Cure to get the Westcastle manor.

      For future reference, feel free to google “Harem Collector Wiki”.

  10. I really like this game. So far, it is the only H-game i played that actually keeps developing the girls characters instead of having them devolve into faceless Sexdolls. Now I hope you can understand the rest of this, as english is not my native language.

    I think I found some Bugs:
    For some reason Yeons revive spell doesn’t work in combat, it heals her instead (just like all other spells switch target if the target is defeated).
    If that is intended, it might be useful to tell the player about it. perhaps something along the lines of “it’s a long, difficult spell and thus can’t be cast properly under attack”.

    Also, Larelle’s “raise Dead” spell revives fully with the messages “… is a Zombie” and then “… revives”, making it no different from using a revival item.

    The inventory gets filled up with useless quest items like the old piano from the main characters old home or the smuggler notes. Those should propably be unloaded at the end of the quests (seriously, who fights while carrying a piano?).

    Also, after finishing the “stuck in the middle with you” quests, the elfs dialogues do not change, they still wish the player luck for the quest.

    So far for the actual bugs. There are three other things that seemed weird to me, but might be intended or just coincidence:

    -After finishing the main quests all the daily quests become ghost-related. This makes it pretty hard to get monster fangs to unlock Yamamayas love quest or pocket tomes for gargan.

    -It seems pretty weird that one of the maids (not sure which one) collects that many teddy bears or that Elaiya collects that many Clockworks (Doll collecting dozens of porcelain dolls and Renfeld collecting monster fangs seems realistic though – after all they both are a little crazy).
    Perhaps it would be a good idea to add a variable that counts how often a certain item was given to a girl and reduces the relationship bonus after some time.
    For example giving Lilac (or was it Violet?) a Teddy bear for the first five times would give +3, +2 on the next five times and finally +1 after that, perhaps accompanied by fitting messages.
    of course, this would only make sense for permanent gifts and not for sweets, flowers or pocket tomes.

    -If a girl feels insulted by a gift I think there shoud be a penalty. for example, Yamamaya is a proud warrior and states that the player shouldn’t give her flowers as if she was some girl. giving a -1 relationship would emphasize that statement. the same way, a girl who feels to fat could feel insulted by being given sweets.

    Some other ideas I had while playing the game:

    You could link weapon upgrades to relationship points. Somebody like Elaiya who wants to get stronger would like new weapons while more traditional fighters (perhaps one of kellos female knights?) would feel insulted at the idea of trading their trusted weapon for a new one.

    Similarly, it could give relationship points to have Doll, Elaiya and other characters who want to feel usefull in your party during quests.

    Triggering party banter is rather hard, wouldn’t it be more useful to trigger it after a set number of moves instead of certain places?

    Taking yeon to the mages academy doesn’t trigger any response, perhaps that would make a good place to develope her character.

    perhaps monsters should respawn after some time or on entering the place again. i cleared the giants pass early, an at the end of the game (+ 100 days with the timeturner to get all lovequests) there still wasn’t a single monster. this makes getting trophies needlessly hard.

    for the same reason, it would be nice if there was somewhere to buy trophies instead of just swapping them, the same way the main character sells his adventure junk.

    Don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to criticize your work on the game, just to give you some more ideas.

    1. Thank you for your positive comments, and you have nothing to be sorry for- I am far from immune to criticism.

      I’ll take your bug reports and suggestions, but there are a few things I want to respond to:

      -The reason why the random dailies become all ghost-related in the late game is because that’s the highest-level random daily enemy that is current in the game. I’ll endeavor to add more for next release.

      -Triggering party banter is pretty hard, but I don’t want to have so many banter spots in the game that it becomes annoying for players who don’t like that aspect of the game (or even for players who do but just want to get on with things already). It’s a fine balance, and maybe the game could use some more, but it needs to be done with a light touch.

      -Giant’s Pass, the Abandoned Fort, the Morning Wood, and a couple of other places will have respawning enemies in the next release.

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