End of the Month Check-In

Just a real quick update this week. It’s raining cats and dogs outside, the power keeps flickering, and it’s supposed to continue on like this until tomorrow evening. Which is partly why this blog update is so late and short- my internet is more indecisive than an anime character with multiple love interests.

So, I’m done the character-design-y bits of Ulania and the Phantom Knight mechanics, and I’ve started in on her quest. It’s a weird feeling… by now I can tell in advance if I’m going to get angry emails about a particular bit of content or not, so I’m half tempted to make this dungeon even more annoying just to bother people since I’m going to catch flak for it anyway. Oh well, I’ll try to restrain myself. Despite the angry emails, I think it’ll turn out to be a cool dungeon.

There’s a lot of new faces in the next release. Bronwyn’s new faces, of course, plus Ulania, (hopefully, finally) Diadira, a “brainwashed” face for Yeon (also finally), possibly that Westcastle shopkeeper, possibly faces for all the miscellaneous guards. My mouse hand will never forgive me.

Uh, other than that things are proceeding pretty smoothly.

Remember to check back on Saturday for this year’s Halloween pin-ups!

6 Replies to “End of the Month Check-In”

  1. hello I was confused about 2 things, first if there is a new update do i have to restart my game or can i continue from my previous save file? And if I do continue with my old save will i lose any of the content?

    and second i found out there was a girl you could get via investing in a farm but the farm was automatically burned in a random event scene. Does this mean the girl is unobtainable now?

    Thank you

    1. I’ve explained this to someone else in a newer post, so I’ll just cut and paste my answer here: It’s usually okay to use your old save. Remember to bring your Replay.rvdata2 file along for the ride. I’ll usually mention in the change notes whether you’ll need a new file or not- they’re not entirely boring lists of minor fixes interspersed with occasional meta jokes.

      Wrong farm, first of all. Your farmgirl is in another farm. Specifically, the one out east of Northmarket.

  2. Is this ghost girl a really part of the game or it’s just a “Halloween Special” version? like the april fools version.
    And I think you have to fix the “Cannibal Corps.” quest, when I finished this quest nothing happens, it just appears a dark screen and you can’t do anything

  3. I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but i think i’ve encountered a bug and this is the latest actual update, so…

    I did the Philosopher’s stone quest, but afterwards Apple Kid and Orange Kid are nowhere to be seen. I got the sex scene, they’re listed in my followers, but they’re neither in my alchemy lab nor theirs. I’ve been absolutely everywhere but to no avail.

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