Harem Collector December Public Release!

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December 2015 Changes:

-One new quest, check it out at the Westcastle Adventurer’s Guild after completing Hall Monitor from Hell.
-Speaking of which, Hall Monitor from Hell is probably fixed this time, as long as you have a save before encountering Alina and Yeon.
-If you had a problem before with the Guild rewards from Hall Monitor from Hell and Sacrifice for Algernon interacting weird, a Guild Auditor now appears in front of the Northmarket Manor to help you with that.
-Once the new quest is completed, the Golden Tomb becomes a revisitable dungeon!
-New Phantom Knight mode for the Hero, available after the new quest!
-Bronwyn has a face again!
-Alchemy is now available! Talk to Orange Kid to try it out!
-On-demand sex menu is now available for Elaiya!
-A few other new things that I can’t remember because I can’t find my notebook!

20 Replies to “Harem Collector December Public Release!”

  1. So…anyone else having an issue with Melina? Namely, she disappears from the “Followers” tab around the time the mansion assault quest is complete. She’s still in the master bedroom, she can still be interacted with and gifted, but she can’t be assigned to the party nor can her equipment be adjusted.

    1. That happened to me that one time, but that was because I decided to have my guild promotion party during the manor invasion, without her having the appropriate affection to follow me.
      But I reloaded an earlier save, playing things normally after a bit of testing and she was there alright.

  2. Well, I’m using my old save so the Hall Monitor from Hell quest still bugged to me and I can’t get any new quests, but besides that, all the new stuff are in the game, except that “Guild Auditor”.
    Just a question, is it possible to kill that “Rattus Maximus” in the sewer in the front of the Northmarket Manor or he is immortal? I’m facing that fucker for 20 minutes, the Dragon was weaker than that rat.

    1. I just finished Hall Monitor from Hell, or at least the boss fight and ending scene, but didn’t go see the professor to end the quest. I made the mistake of entering the building again to see if I missed any chests and now can’t get out of the building. Keep getting a note every time I try to leave that I have finished yet.

      Good thing I had a save from just before entering. Just have to do the whole thing over again.

      Did I mention that I just found this game last week and have been loving it? 🙂

  3. Knight of Desert let me pass even though I hadn’t equipped the appropriate sword to fight him with.

    Also, several knights on the floor with the Knight of Phoenixes all have his line when you confront them.

  4. The Phantom Breaker quest messes up with Stuck in the Middle (this is with a save from the Oct 2016 version).

    Upon finishing Stuck in the Middle with You, but before Phantom Breaker, Phantom Breaker is listed as Completed, but you can still go ahead and do it. Which results in Eulania having Bronwyn’s face sprite under the Follower’s menu (so both Brownyn+Eulania share Bronwyn’s pic), and Phantom Breaker’s quest description being the same as Stuck in the Middle.

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