So What’s Going On With NoMoshing?

First of all: Public Release will be this Friday, the 18th.

For the past few months, I’ve felt increasingly tired over the course of the day. It has affected my work. I wake up exhausted and unable to sleep any longer. Then usually by the afternoon I’m falling asleep in my chair, and it’s hard to think let alone be creative when engulfed in a thick fog of constant exhaustion. By the time night rolls around I have trouble falling to sleep again and I toss and turn for up to an hour. I only manage half a workday at best lately, and after catching up on emails and coordinating with the rest of the team, that leaves only a couple hours of game dev. I hate this, it sucks, and I want it to stop.
Back in August, when I first noticed a change, I saw my doctor and she started putting me through a diagnostic process. I’ve seen a couple specialists by now, including that sleep study I complained about a couple weeks ago, and here’s what’s going on:
-Most likely what I’m experiencing is some form of severe sleep apnea. I’ve had the study done, they’re processing the results, and maybe I’ll end up using a CPAP machine or whatever.
-A second possibility is that I have a gastrointestinal bleed that’s constantly leaving me just a little bit short on blood. It would explain the sudden change in my sleep better than apnea, although apnea fits my symptoms better. That’s getting tested for in January.
-A remote third possibility is, well, the “big C”. It’s unlikely (there would have been a much bigger impact by now if it was, but cancer’s kind of weird and can be unpredictable) but if that is the case, they’ll see evidence when they do the gastrointestinal stuff in January.
I know the updates have kind of sucked lately, and I just wanted to share with you some details as to why.

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  1. Love the game hope you get stuff figured out what will be on this release might I ask and will we ever have the French sword women in westcastle noble district

    1. I don’t know if she’ll be in the harem, but there might be a sex scene with her somewhere in the end-game/post-game content. She’s a strong candidate for a possible party member in the sequel.

  2. Dude dw you should take a break and take care of yourself. Honestly no update sucks, everytime i see updates im always excited 😀 but make sure you make your health your first priority.

  3. If it’s Sleep Apnea…

    There is also a medication that can help (especially if used in addition to a CPAP), it’s called NuVigil. (Unfortunately it’s expensive but some insurance companies will pay for it if you have a servere sleep apena diagnosis).

    1. It’s only available my prescription in Canada, and I have a strict policy of not suggesting treatments to healthcare professionals. If it comes, it comes up.

  4. Don’t push yourself too much just for a project, your health is more important than a game, try to sleep and have some fun, even if you have to leave Harem Collector development stopped for a while.

  5. Hi NoMoshing i have played harem collector for about 2-3 months now and even though I am new and don’t post on this sorta thing very often however I do have this to say: a part of work is to know when you hit your limit for a hour or day nobody would begrudge you for having a break, “all work and no play makes NoMoshing a dull programmer?” if you are suffering from anything it will end up affecting your work. and as a fan of your work if I see that you are killing yourself to get to the desk then it’s better to have a longer wait in my mind because the end result will not be the same.
    Cheers from a fan -Paralle

  6. Hey nomoshing hope you are doing well! On the game front the title still says october of 15 and when I try to download I get a 404 error. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Try reloading the page while you’re on it. If that doesn’t work, clear your browser cache.

      Once the new site is up I don’t think we’ll have this problem anymore.

  7. Sleep apnea is fairly common. It can be managed with treatment. I have several friends that suffer from it. One of them just died a few days ago in her sleep from not using the machine. She was only 43. One friend had pancreatitis. It affected his sleep, anxiety level, and g.i. issues. He chose not to address it (ignored doctor’s orders) and died at 50 from adult-onset diabetic complications. What’s odd is that at before he was diagnosed at 40, his only issue was being an overweight pot smoker that guzzled fried chicken and bacon grease. The takeaway is that if you realize there’s a problem and get proactive in treating it, then your odds go up significantly. Seems like you’re doing just that so I think you’ll pull through just fine.

    1. Yeah. It took me awhile to find a GP (doctor shortage up here in the GWN, because all the greedy ones eventually wander south to America) but now that I have one I’m going to use her.

      It’s sort of weird to have a female doctor (doesn’t help that she’s really, really cute, too) but beggars can’t be choosers.

      1. Hey, you make a cameo character for her!
        In all seriousness though, be sure to get this checked out.
        I’d advise checking for cancer first just to be safe, even if the possibility is remote, cancer’s not something you fuck around with.

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