Sleep Studies Suck

Last night I had a sleep study taken. It was a spur of the moment thing, I’ve been on a waiting list for an appointment since last August and there was finally a cancellation last night. And it was awful. I got barely any sleep, what I did get was even more fitful than normal, and I had to take the bus home with a face and head covered in electrogel bukkake goop. If you have to do one these things in the future, my advice: get a ride home and take the next day off work.

While I’m still picking away at in between naps, but that’s why there isn’t a more substantial update today.

3 Replies to “Sleep Studies Suck”

  1. I’ve been through that before. All the attached wires, being unable to sleep on my side like I usually do, woken up every hour or so for adjustments, six hours of regularly interrupted sleep, and a bill for 3 grand. Sleep studies do indeed suck.

  2. I’ve had that done. I think your “electrogel bukkake” description is spot on. Your experience with actual sleep mirrored mine, too. You’ll probably find bits of gel and adhesive pads in your hair for a few showers still. Hopefully they got enough data they don’t make you come back for another. It’s easier to get to sleep the 2nd time, but you get about the same quality of sleep and have to deal with the crap in your hair again.

    Good luck with the new game build. Looking forward to it.

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