Harem Collector May 2016 Public Release!

Big update, this time. Enjoy it!

EDIT: V2 is up, ensuring that the Elf Village Elder will no longer trap you in an infinite loop of thinking about the future.

Changes in this version:

-There is a new quest in the Elf Village, including a new player home! Speak to the elf messenger in any one your manors (or waiting outside the gates to the Eastfort Military District)
-Added three tournaments at the Westcastle arena! Check out the letter that spawns in the Northmarket manor’s bedroom to kick off those quest(s).
-The Fast Travel _Horse_ has been temporarily changed to Fast Travel _Horses_. I do have a solution for all the horse-related issues, it’s simply a matter of learning some code I’m not familiar with, so in the meantime you have multiple horses because getting to the new player housing in a total PITA without them.
-Nerys has been implemented and is interactable.
-Eulania now has more dialogue and is more interactable.
-Added banters for Yeon + Raina.
-Pin, Web, Grab and Rooted have been folded into the same debuff: Pin. The new Pin acts like the old Grab (reduces Evade and Critical resistance to 0, 95% reduction to Agility), last for 2-3 turns, with an added +20% vulnerability to Knockdown, Stun and Stagger. Particularly strong or tough enemies will have resistance to Pin. This change affects the following items/abilities/equipment/characters:

  • Cleanse Body (will not remove Pin)
  • Improved Encourage (will remove Pin)
  • Shake It Off (will remove Pin)
  • Pinning Arrow (100% chance of Pin)
  • Focused Heal (will not remove Pin)
  • Web Shooter (50% chance of Pin)
  • Grab (100% chance of Pin)
  • Tangle (100% chance of Pin)
  • Chain Grapple (60% chance of Pin)
  • Bola Throw (80% chance of Pin)
  • Cleanser (will not remove Pin)
  • Waybread (will not remove Pin)
  • Meline’s Waybread (will not remove Pin)
  • Giant Gear (provides immunity to Pin)
  • Siege Shield (provides immunity to Pin)
  • High Lion Shield (provides immunity to Pin)
  • Yamamaya (40% resistance to Pin)
  • Raina (20% resistance to Pin)
  • Therese (10% resistance to Pin)
  • Gargan (10% resistance to Pin)
  • Doll (10% resistance to Pin)
  • Hero (10% resistance to Pin)

-The Defend action now makes you immune to Stun, Pin, Stagger, Daze, Knockdown, and Shaken.
-Body-oriented status healers now cure Bleed.
-Skills learned from Brigandine can now only be used while Hero wields his sword.
-Bronwyn, Elaiya, Gargan, and Yamamaya have had their natural evasion rates increased.
-Bronwyn, Elaiya, Felix, and Ino (if you have the Christmas 2014 bonus) now deal Projectile damage with their normal attacks.
-Yamamaya’s hit rate has increased.
-Elaiya’s Headshot skill has been reduced to 12 Momentum.
-Kyrie now learns “Coldsnap” at level 19, which is a spell that makes an enemy vulnerable to cold.
-Kyrie’s Ice Armor no longer lasts for five turns. Instead, it has an indefinite duration, with a 10% chance of shattering every time Kyrie receives damage.
-Yamamaya’s rages have been reconfigured:

  • All her rages now only have a Mana cost, the Momentum cost has been dropped to 0.
  • All her rages now last five turns.
  • Mountain Lion Rage increases Attack, Attack Speed and Hit Rate at the cost of Defense.
  • Polar Bear Rage halves physical damage at the cost of Hit Rate.
  • Hungry Wolf Rage increases Attack and provide 2% Health regen at the cost of Hit Rate and Attack Speed.
  • The Crow Totem now provides Laughing Crow Rage, which increases Evasion and Magic Evasion at a cost of Defense.
  • Enemies now exclusively use a generic rage which behaves roughly like old Mountain Lion Rage (ie, Attack and Agility boost at a cost of Defense and lasts until death).

-Grenados, Dragon’s Eggs and Nail Bombs now deal Projectile damage.
-The Tomahawk Throw, Pinning Arrow, Steel Punch Arrow, and Barbed Arrow skills now deal Projectile damage.
-Enemies that normally use spells exclusively will default to basic attacks when Deafened or out of Mana.
-Enemies with the Takeoff skill now have a 33% chance to be knocked out of the air when damaged. Unless they’re large enemies (ie, dragons), in which case your attack have no affect on their flight.
-The Lesser Red Dragon should no longer be able to use Takeoff when already in flight.
-Pyrobrews now inflict the Burned status.
-All Animals and Birds (but not Magical Beasts) now panic when they receive fire damage.
-All damage-over-time debuffs now have indicators when they are still in effect and when they lapse.

46 Replies to “Harem Collector May 2016 Public Release!”

  1. Found a slight issue, after the new quest, if you go to the Elder’s house you get stuck in a dialogue loop of her thinking about the future.

  2. This update was awesome aside from that little oddity though. The quest was fun (and the new Elf girl looks very cool) and the tournaments were great fun, especially the final one of the three…Got a couple of fights in before I realized there was a theme to the combatants 😛

    Looking forward to seeing what wonders come in the next update 🙂

  3. Managed to ‘enter’ the pairs tourney again even though I completed Yamamaya’s love quest. Locked me in the outside room when it happened.

    Also, the Laughing Crow’s Rage says ‘Mountain Lion Rage’ on activating when I try and use it.

  4. Something weird is happening to me. Right after I fight the first match of the second tourney (identical to the last match of the first right down to the hint the towel boy gives), the game freezes on me.

    1. Note on above: After talking to the guy at the desk for tourney 2, I did leave the arena (something to do with the bank and my need to pay the towelboy for tips) and come back so maybe that has something to do with it?

      Or maybe it’s the fact that I accumulated 7 towels in tourney 1? Is that supposed to be allowed?

  5. Found some more bugs and glitches

    After paying the fayrie to sleep in her tent, I woke up inside the tent, a little to the right and couldn’t move afterward. It may be because I spoke to her from the right instead than from the bottom.

    If I go to the arena without reading the letter, I can do Yamamaya’s quest again. If I read the letter then go to the arena, I can do the level 7 quest. After it was done, I entered the arena again and got the Yamamaya’s quest intro but inside I went left and (according to the towel boy) I was against the orc thug. Once in the fighting pit, no battle started and I had to reset.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Also i cant find the elf…Outide gates of westfort military is a few guards i talked to all and nothing. I checked all my homes no elf in sight

    2. For the first one:
      As far as I know, this quest is an unfinished one, so no one could help you now. 😛
      Can’t help you with the second, when I have to guess: do you have Bronwyn in your harem?

  6. Hi! Thanks for your hard work, I love this game! Actually i have the same problem that some others, when finish the first round of the third tournament the game freezes, and when I try to use the Markerlight that gives the Old man it shoots the scene with Nerys.

    1. When I try to use the secret entrance to the 2nd floor of westcastle manor (touching the clock) the library opens in the wrong way and the game freezes

          1. Oh, and the catgirl from the “Catfolk (?)’s Home” doesn’t give any dialogue.

  7. Is it normal (probably not) that I get a file corrupted message and the game won’t start ?

    On another note I played the game like roughly a year ago and the enemy difficulty was kinda f*cked sometime way too hard sometime too easy. Did that change or not at all ?

  8. Played the game through a couple times, and both times I got a weird bug: the first time, I purchased the shop in eastfort, but because I didn’t have a collar, I didn’t go in. The next time I did a quest in that area, I had the H-scene related to that character. The following playthrough, I randomly got the Ino massage scene before I had her. The latter posed no problems that I could tell, but the first scene added said character without even using up a slave collar. Also, I cannot talk to said character.

  9. Quick request: It would be really nice to be able to put a filter on the Followers menu that shows everyone with an affection below 100 who is Not Gifted Today!

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