Iron Waifu, Devstream Schedule, FAQ, Vacation Report

So, lots of stuff wrapped up/happened this week. Here’s the rundown:

First, there is now a version 3 that fixes many of the bugs and problems that folks were complaining about last week. IF you’re having trouble with the current release, please be sure to upgrade. (okay, version 4 for you fussy types that demand things like “defeating enemies should give you exp”)

Second of all, the first ever winner of the Iron Waifu Grand Tournament is… Therese! After a month of voting, the people have spoken and the number one harem girl is none other than the first party member you receive in HC. Expect the September update to be Therese-themed, featuring her love quest, a more in-depth examination of the Paladin Orders, and some other stuff I’ll come up with later. I’m also swearing off other “popularity contest” polls from now on, so hopefully I don’t end up in a pinch for topics.

In case you didn’t catch it elsewhere, the backer Devstream will be June 11th from 4-6 EDT, and the public Devstream will be June 25th from 4-6 EDT. I don’t know what topics will be explored, but odds are good that the June 11th stream will involve at least some dungeon design. As always, bring your questions for the Q&A period of each stream, Backers get spoilers but the public does not.

There is now an FAQ for questions I’m tired of answering or that I think people would want for easy reference, which you can access without a BKG forums account. Also, on the blog, I’ve changed to manually approving every comment because I’m not receiving email notification of auto-approved comments anymore and probably missing a lot of stuff. I’ll do my best to check for new comments daily!

I had a pretty good vacation last weekend, where Nekochan and I left to attend an anime convention being held in our area. We had a lot of fun- I picked up some semi-rare games (Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth for Xbox, Faxanadu complete-in-box for NES, Nekochan got Trails in the Sky Premium Edition for PSP), placed second in a Tanto Cuore tournament, tried some interesting new indy games (would absolutely recommend checking out Chronoclysm), got my ass handed to me in a Pokemon event….

It’s weird how taking days off because I’m stressed doesn’t help me relax nearly as much as a planned vacation, especially one as physically demanding as attending a crowded convention in the middle of a heat wave. I even got heat exhaustion one day, almost threw up in the charity silent auction room, and had to take the rest of that day off. But ever since getting home, I feel totally refreshed and have been getting a lot done on the game.

Funny story, when Nekochan first got the TitS Premium Edition box, she rattled it to make sure that the pin that comes with it was still in there. However, when we finally sat down and she had an opportunity to pull the game apart and have a look at everything, it turned out the pin was missing- that rattle was a disc-only copy of PSP Generation of Chaos stuffed into the same box. We kind of strugged it off- the value of GoC is enough to offset the loss from having an incomplete TitS- but it was just kind of funny that the original seller and the used games reseller never bothered to check what was in the box.

Would you guys be interested in hearing about my game collection on a slow news week? I’ve got nearly 500 games, including some pretty rare ones. I’m pretty proud of my collection. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Until next week, take it easy and happy fapping!

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  1. Rambling about game collection sounds fine to me~

    Also, i’m the same way about days off vs planned vacations. Taking a day off only works if I’m sick, if it’s stress or burnout I need a complete change of venue even if it’s physically and mentally exhausting(such as going to a con!) to reboot my internal systems enough to fully refresh. Dunno why it works, but it does.

    Also also, yayifications for Therese love quest~ May it involve punching either demons or corrupt priests in the dick for fun and profit(or perhaps for fun and prophet if Meline is also involved somehow~)

    1. Actually not too sure what I want to do with it. A quest vs demons or undead would make good use of Therese’s abilities, but a quest vs a rival Angel’s faction would give me an excuse for more angelic-type enemies and would make for a more interesting plot, since there are so many undead and whatnot in the game already. I would like it to end with Therese earning herself a knighthood from the crown, though.

      1. Ooooh, a rival angel faction could be interesting. A few ideas spring to mind of how that could be worked out, based on the earlier post about the angels and orders, but I’m not sure how much you do/don’t want people suggesting things?

        1. It’s different if I say that I haven’t decided on something. Mostly I just want to ward off people suggesting new harem girls and mechanics.

          1. Well, the first thing to pop to mind is a splinter group of paladins serving the Angel of Law and Justice, who think that they should not only be dispensing Angelic Law but should in fact become the secular authorities as well, maybe pressuring some noble in the kingdom to be their puppet and make the judgments the paladins tell him to make. Somehow Therese gets wind of this and wants Hero to help her go ideally talk these paladins out of being turds, they won’t back down, fights ensue, etc. Would neatly let you use paladins and even lesser angels as enemies, while also having Therese perform a service for the kingdom that could get her knighted.

            The other idea that could work is a fight against a group serving the Angel of Loyalty and Service, who are trying to do the classically dumb thing of forcing lesser demons into doing good under the guidance of whatever master they’re serving(probably a noble to get the kingdom mixed up enough for Therese to get the knighthood). They lose containment on the demons, try to cover it up, you get into a fight with both angelic and demonic enemies as the angelic types don’t want anyone finding out about their failure and the demonic types just fight you for the sake of it anyway. This would be more of a divine clusterfuck option, and Therese could easily be rewarded for dragging Hero and his team into things to clean up a bad mess before it did too much harm.

            Just some ideas of mine, use or don’t as you like(ideally they’ll help you think of even cooler ideas~)

      2. Well, you could make it a rival angel faction and then give them some kind of “corrupted angel” enemy type that could also count as demons or stuff or alternatively simply rework Therese’s higher-level abilities so that they can be used against angels in some manner too.

        Or just go for the story and get the feedback for the skills later.

        1. Oooh, I like that idea.

          Edit: Just remembered that the Demon of Tyranny and Control already uses corrupted angels as minions… hmm….

  2. Since everyone else is giving their two cents about her love quest thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. I’d just like to her really come to terms with what happened and learn to be fine with her attraction and be happy with being with the hero. Maybe still want to reform him and stop him from enslaving people who aren’t evil, but be fine with being in the harem with willing girls. I can’t see her being fine with him enslaving innocent people unless she totally breaks though. Which might be interesting if you were doing parallel routes like a certain other RPG maker harem game, but in this game I’d prefer she stay herself. Maybe have her rededicate herself to the goddess that the hero has shacked up with. Instead of the one she is now that I can’t recall.

  3. I just downloaded the newest release and i can not load my game from the previous release that i own. i have tried to find a way to give you a bug report about that but i cant find a way

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