Goals for November Release

Oh man I’m so tired today. Last night was really the first time since getting the CPAP machine that I had a really rotten time trying to sleep. I’m feeling pretty good right now, so hopefully this is relatively coherent.

My plan for the next release is to get done the Harem Drama quest that’s been on the backburner since July, but that’s the only major content push. I’m going to be working on bug fixes every day, I know it’s pretty out of control with the bugs at this point and that needs addressing. I want to do another push on dialogue for chat options and party banters. I also want to fill maps and have less empty doorways and such.

One things that I want to do very badly is get the Plus Backer NPCs done, but that’s involved a lot more work than I expected and I’ll probably need to bring DrawingNeko in on it. Maybe I’ll have something roughed in, maybe not, but I do promise I’ll have some level of update every month for that, even if it’s just written dialogue.

On to staff contributions!
DrawingNeko will have two scenes, maybe three, ready for the next release. Right now she’s doing art for the Doralice scenes (which are three scenes, I know, but they’re really small and similar), following that will be a brand new random scene starring Kyrie.
The reason why GusBus has kind of dropped off in terms of contributions is because her computer basically blew up, she’s struggling to recover files from her old hard drive, and her laptop isn’t quite up to the task of running photoshop and a tablet.
PeaSea is getting back up to speed after moving, obviously he contributed to the September release and I expect will probably have two or three tracks for next time.

That’s it for now! Thanks for following along, and happy fapping!

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  1. So, I got Gargan to “Trust” status and got the unimplemented ‘Blow Job’ quest, but forgot to do ‘My Little Chimera’ (due to forgetfulness), and now that I am trying to do it, I can’t seems to find the places I am looking for, the wiki map is from a couple years ago and has since changed twice, so no more finding the yellow tent, and the sausage lady doesn’t exist in the northmarket slums anymore….have the aspects of this quest been re-implemented elsewhere while the description in the log was unchanged(along with the dialogue) or am I just absolutely bad at finding this stuff?

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