I Live Once More! (Also, New Staff!)

Been feeling much better as of late. Last week was rough.

Anyway, this week we welcomed a new member onto the Bad Kitty Games team. Conash, longtime administrator of the Harem Collector wiki, has been helping me with some code for the game for awhile now, and so this week we made it official. Conash is now the part-time coder, part-time community manager for Bad Kitty Games, and from time to time will even be contributing to this here blog when I’m busy with other stuff.

That’s basically it. I’m all caught up with backer stuff, just have to do November’s schedule and get ready for the release at the end of the month!

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  1. hey glad you are felling better but i have a question
    i didn’t know where to write this but i have a problem

    in the quest looking for a cure i made it to the F1 of the manor but i only have the minute hand and i assume i need more to use on the stuck clock. i think i got it from freddie and that there were no fights after that so i don’t know where to get whatever else i need for the puzzle.

    i don’t know if this is a bug or if i missed something?

    1. There are a total of three items needed for the clock puzzle, the minute hand, the hour hand, and the winding key. You get all three of them from various fights on the first floor, one at the top of the stairs after Freddie, one in front of the clock, and one to the room to the south of the clock. It sounds like you encountered an error if that has accidentally lead to some of these fights disappearing. I’ll look into what causes the bug but if I had to guess it’s due to some temporary switches being turned on that shouldn’t have been. Had you done any quests on that day but before invading the manor, like maybe did the zombie attack in ‘Night of the Raping Dead’?

      1. I don’t remeber

        interacting with the clock just gets me

        That’s one bigass clock … its stopped – etc

        interacting with the piano played the piano once but then nothing else and i cant find anything else in that room so dunno

        i just know i have no fights on F1

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